13 Worst Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

13 Worst Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

Losing weight means is not only just including healthy foods in your diet but also excluding foods that are extremely unhealthy for your physique and can be the roadblock for your weight loss journey. So, you need to mark the foods to avoid for weight loss.


You may have a misconception that reduces or cut down the foods that are high in calories but that is not always the factor. You need to focus on the quality of the foods.

So, let’s jump into the list of foods that you need to avoid for weight loss.


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1. Sugary beverages

All kinds of beverages available in the market are loaded with sugar, high fructose corn syrup and lots of chemicals to preserve it. Theses are highly processed drinks.


Consuming these beverages not only increase your calorie intake and promote weight gain but also it has a disastrous health effect like fatty liver, cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, etc. (1,2)


The most dangerous thing, in my opinion, is that these kinds of liquid beverages don’t make you feel full. Therefore, probably you can not limit your calorie intake. So, if you are serious about your gaining weight avoid all kinds of sugary beverages.


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2. Fried chips

All kinds of fried chips including french fries, potato chips, crackers are dangerous for your health. The oil used in these kinds of fried chips is refined or hydrogenated and very cheap because of the benefit purpose.


However, these oils not only gives you extra calorie but also increases inflammation and release free radicals in your body.  


On the other hand, studies have shown that consuming these kinds of processed foods are directly linked to weight gain. (3)  


3. Alcohol

These days alcohol is one of the biggest reasons for obesity. This is one of the most common reasons for belly fat.


Excessive consumption of alcohol causes alcoholic fatty liver. Which can be the worst health issue.


However, alcohol is a calorie-dense food and it does not contain any kind of fiber or protein.

  • A regular 12oz beer provides 153 cal.
  • 5oz of red wine gives you 125 cal.
  • 3.5oz sweet wine gives you 165 cal. (source)


4. Candy bars

Candy bars have not a single benefit in our health. You should definitely avoid these foods for weight loss. These are loaded with high fructose corn syrup, refined oils, and refined flour.


All these things can lead you to gain weight. If you are serious about your health then you should definitely avoid candy bars and stuff like that. Include fruits, nuts instead of candy bars to kill your sugar cravings.


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5. Fruit juices

Almost all fruit juices available in the market are loaded with high fructose corn syrup, artificial sugar, and preservative chemicals. Fruit juices are also very high in calories and have no fiber or protein.


Instead of fruit juice consider having a whole fruit. Because whole fruits are a good source of fiber and have a lot of vitamins and minerals. It will also make you feel full.


But, fruit juices are highly processed so there is almost no vitamins and minerals left in it. On the other hand, you don’t have to chew fruit juices so you will definitely end up having a lot of it and calories as well. (4)


6. Refined flour

Refined flour and foods made with refined flour like white bread, white pasta, and stuff like that should be avoided for fat loss. Instead of refined flour, you should focus on whole grains.


Studies have shown that consuming 2 slices of bread every day is directly linked to becoming overweight/obese. (5)


7. Pastries, cookies & cakes

These foods are widely available in the market and unfortunately, people also like to have them. Pastries, cookies, cakes, and foods like that are loaded with sugar, refined or hydrogenated oil, and refined flour.


It also may contain trans fat which is disastrous for your liver and heart health. Pastries and cakes or cookies are calorie-dense food and very satisfying so, you may end up with lots of them.


Therefore, I highly recommend these foods to avoid for weight loss.  


8. Ice cream

Although ice cream is extremely delicious; but in terms of health issues and weight loss, it can affect you badly. Ice cream has a very high glycemic index and loaded with sugar.


on the other hand, it doesn’t make you feel full. So, if you are serious about your weight then you may not control the calorie comes from it.


Instead of ice cream have greek yogurt or fruits to kill your sugar cravings.


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9. Sweet yogurt

Yogurt is very healthy food but sweetened yogurt is not at all. Sweetened yogurt may taste very well but it contains a lot of sugar.


You don’t want that extra sugar in your body especially if you are looking for weight loss. I highly recommend before buying yogurt check the nutrition labels if it has added sugar or not.


10. Red meat

If you are looking for fat loss then your goal should be in a caloric deficit. Red meat is a calorie-dense food. So, you should be avoiding all kinds of red meat.


However, red meats are also high in saturated fat. High consumption of saturated fat causes cholesterol, heart diseases, stroke, etc. so, replace red meats with skinless chicken, egg whites, etc. as a source of protein.


11. Sweets

Sweets are widely available in every country. Although it tastes amazing. But in terms of health, it is one of the primary foods to avoid for weight loss.


These are loaded with sugar which spikes your insulin level and encourages to store extra calorie as fats in your body. All kinds of sweets are the worst for people who have type-2 diabetes, fatty liver, obesity, cholesterol, etc.


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12. Refined sugar

Probably in every kitchen, you will get this but which should not be in your kitchen. Refined sugar is nothing but sucrose. Sucrose is made of 50% glucose and 50% fructose.


Glucose causes an insulin spike and promotes type-2 diabetes and weight gain. Fructose is the main cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


Therefore, refined sugar has no benefits in our body. American Health Association (AHA) recommend 3-6 teaspoon of added sugar a day for adults.


13. Pizza/burgers

Pizza, burger, and fast foods like that are very popular, especially in western countries. These are made of refined flour, unhealthy cooking oil, lots of added fat, sugar, etc.


you should hardly consume these foods if you want a healthy physique. You can make pizza with healthy ingredients at home. That would be a better choice.




If you lose weight or looking for a healthy body and stay fit then always prefer to know what you are putting in in your body whenever you eat something.


That is why I always recommend following the nutrition label and what it made with which is available behind every packaged food.


However, everybody knows the basics of a healthy diet like what is bad for health like sugar, high fats, refined flour, etc. So, try these foods to avoid for weight loss as much as possible.


That’s it for now; if you have any queries or want to ask me something then go ahead ask me in the comment section below.

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