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OPENSHRED.COM is all about spreading knowledge and awareness regarding healthy living and stay fit.


But the problem is the majority of the people even don’t know which food is healthy, what to consume and what to not, how much to consume and why we should consume those foods. There are so many myths regarding fitness and on top of that these food companies are making us fool to sell their products.


On the other hand, people think that healthy living is only about consuming healthy foods, but the fact is you need to do any kind of exercises for better organ functioning, making your physique stronger and look better than yesterday.


So, the definition of healthy living should be following a healthy lifestyle. And it is very simple to follow a healthy lifestyle.


In this website you can get more knowledge about living healthy, information about foods and their benefits,  workout plan and how to do that properly, etc.


About the Author





The founder and author of OPENSHRED.COM


I am just a fitness freak and enthusiastic about body transformation. Currently, my goal is to help others in their transformation. I am doing this job in my gym and in my local area. I personally guide peoples who want me to guide them to achieve their desired body shape. I make a completely customized diet plan and workout plan for those individuals, and I love to do that.


I started this website to share all my knowledge and experience. And l would also like to create a customized diet plan and workout plan for those who want online personal coaching from me to transformation themselves.


Free Personal Training


I will provide you free online training. Free diet plan and workout plan for individuals, according to your body type, your lifestyle, your medical condition, and preferences.


In this free training session, I will personally do check-ins every week and changes in the plan if needed.


It doesn’t matter what your condition is everyone is welcome. You may want to lose fat, gain weight, build muscle, get rid of Skinny fat, reduce love handle, etc. I will provide you a free program according to your condition and goals. And all that I will provide you for free of cost.


Free Diet Plan


I don’t provide any copy paste PDF plans. You will get a personalized diet plan with your food preferences, your goal, your lifestyle. It will include various types of meal plans as the program goes on and supplement (if any needed).


Free Workout Plan


The workout is very essential to get your desired physique. And for that, you need a proper workout plan to work on the weak part of the body and develop them. I will provide a personalized workout plan focusing on your lifestyle, goal, and condition.




  • I will make a completely free program for you individually. And will always stay with you to motivate you, but the end of the day it’s all up to you. It all depends on your dedication, hard work, and consistency.


  • I believe in no shortcut to success. I don’t promote any drugs and steroids. The transformation will be completely natural and healthy.


If you want to get a free customized diet and workout plan specially created for you then,

please contact: [email protected] 

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