Abs Workout Routine-Home Abs Workout

Abs Workout Routine-Home Abs Workout

The abdominal muscle is a group of small muscles and very hard to grow. Without a proper abs workout routine, it is hardly possible to grow your abs.


You need to know that the abs muscles quickly adapt the exercises and stop providing results.


But the good news is there are lots of variety of six-pack abs workout. You just need to introduce them to your abs workout routine as per your fitness level, abs growth, and abs conditioning.


Abs are made up of many muscle groups :


Rectus abdominis (upper, middle, lower)

Transverse abdominis

Obliques (external, internal)


In your workout routine, you need to pick different exercises to target them individually for better growth and abs definition.


If you are a beginner then you may not have to target them exactly, but advance gym-goers need to specifically target the area and stimulate the muscle for greater definition and get that 6 pack abs.


Abs Workout Routine Overview


Before you jump into the workout. let’s see the details of the abs exercise routine. In this workout routine, there will be six exercises.


Two exercises will be targeting your upper abs, the other two exercises will be targeting your lower abs and the last two exercises are for your core and obliques.


Workout Circuit

Upper abs exercise-1 and 2, rest for 30 sec

Lower abs exercise-3 and 4, rest for 30 sec

Core/obliques exercise-5 and 6, rest for 60 sec

Repeat again for 3 times.


First, complete the upper abs workout set, then take 30 sec of rest then do the lower Abs workout set. Take 30-sec rest. At the last complete the circuit with the core and obliques exercises.


after one circuit completed take 60 sec of rest then again start the circuit with upper abs exercises. Do a total of 3 circuits of this abs exercise routine.


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Abs Workouts For This Routine

Let’s check out the selected abs workout to perform in this abs workout routine. 


Upper abs workout


As per the workout routine, you have to start with the upper abs exercises so there will two upper abs exercises. Let’s see those:




  • First, lie down on your back on the floor and bent your knees. If you are a beginner you can place your feet under heavy objects like a bench, furniture, dumbbell, etc.


  • Place your hands behind your head or place it on your chest by crossing your arms.


  • Now take a deep breath and lift your shoulder and scapula as far as possible in a way like you are rolling in yourself.


  • Don’t lift your lower back and as you lift your upper torso breathe out. Then slowly lower yourself.


  • Make sure that you perform the whole movement in a controlled way with constant tension on your abs. Don’t just swing your shoulder back and forth.


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Toe Touches


  • Lie on the floor on your back and legs straight down. Now lift your legs with your feet together straight as high as possible.


  • Now lift your arm as high as possible by rolling in your torso and try to touch your feet with your arms.


  • Then get back down but keep your feet up as it was. Then again try to touch your feet with your hand in the same manner.


  • Repeat the whole movement as per the recommended reps and complete the set.     


Lower abs workout


After you complete the upper abs now jump into the lower abs workouts. Let’s see the workouts:


Leg raises


  • First, lie down on the floor on your back with the leg straight don on the floor. Place your hands beside you on the floor for support.


  • Now take a deep breath and lift your legs with your feet together. lift it until it creates a 90-degree angle to the ground. Then breathe out.


  • After that slowly lower your legs just closer to the ground but don’t touch the ground. Then again repeat the whole movement as per the recommended reps.


  • You can bend your knees if you can’t hold the tension on your abs and you can also lower down your legs completely to the ground the start again (if you are a beginner).



  • Start with sitting on the floor and place your hands beside your hip for support. You can also use the edge of a bench as well.


  • Lift your legs, bend your knees and keep your feet together, then tuck them in towards your chest. At this moment you should be only on your butt.


  • Then get back to your starting position. Don’t put your legs down on the floor keep it high then again tuck it in. Do it till you complete your set.


  • Always keep the tension on your lower abs and don’t forget to breathe in and breathe out.


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Exercises for core and obliques


Last two workout of this abs exercise routine is going to target your core and obliques. A lot of people generally ignore training their core and obliques.


But to get an amazing v taper looks and sharp 6 pack abs you must have to train your obliques and core muscle.


Russian twist


  • Sit down on the floor with your leg raised, knee bent. Your torso should be straight. At this stage, you should be creating a v shape on your hip.


  • Clasp your hands together and raise it in front straight of you. Now keep your core tight and twist your torso left to right.


  • Make sure you perform this in a controlled manner. Keep constant tension your core and don’t forget to breathe.


Ab roller


  • Begin with a standard push up position and hold the ab roller with your palm facing down. Your arms should be fully extended.


  • Now roll out the wheel as far as possible and hold that position for 30-40 sec. At this position, only your toes and the wheel should be touching the ground.


  • Then roll into the starting position. Then repeat the whole thing again. Remember to keep breathing throughout the whole movement.


Abs Workout Routine

Crunch30no rest
Toe touches3030 sec rest
Leg raises20no rest
Knee-ins2030 sec
Russian twist30no rest
Ab roller5 sets of 30 sec hold60 sec rest


Complete a total of 3 circuits of this workout routine. 


Some Tips To Grow Your Abs


To achieve an attractive ab and core you need to follow some tips with this workout plan. Otherwise, this workout plan is not going to give you any results.


Lose your fat percentage


Everybody has a 6 pack abs underneath their big belly fat. To make those abs muscles visible you need to lower the percentage of those thick layers of belly fat. So, you have to lose weight.


Abs exercises will definitely grow your abs muscles but to make it visible them, you need to cut down those extra fats. Drop your body fat percentage to at least 12-13% to see those abs.


For that, you need to do some cutting as well. This is why there a nice phrase “abs are made in the kitchen”. remember that.


Heavy weight lifting


Heavy lifting like squat, deadlift needs a lot of core strength to perform. You need a lot of stability to perform these kinds of exercises. And this stability comes from your core.


So, if you focus on lifting heavy on those exercises you will be gaining more core strength as well.


Training frequency


The training frequency matter a lot to grow any kind of muscle group. This a great and controversial factor for muscle growth.


Obviously, opinion matters from individual to individual trainers. Some say, that abs are a small muscle group and you need to train them every day.


Some say once a week of hardcore training is enough for a great 6 pack abs muscle.


But in my opinion, to grow your abs with its full potential you need to train them 3-4 days a week.


In my personal experience and in my personal training career I have seen great results with this ab training frequency. Ab is a small muscle group, one day is enough for recovery then train it the next day.




Always remember that to see any transformation you have to have patience, same with the 6 pack abs. You need to work hard, it takes time.


Follow the abs workout routine and you need to change this routine after four to six weeks. So, more article regarding abs exercises routine is coming soon.


There will be also an article regarding weight loss diet, weight gain diet, exercise, workout routine, and free weight loss and weight gain program is coming soon.


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