13 Best Bicep Exercises For Massive Biceps-Don’t Ignore

13 Best Bicep Exercises For Massive Biceps-Don’t Ignore

best bicep exercises” is the common question of the majority of the gym-goers. I see many of them come to the gym and train their biceps three or four times a week with almost the same kind of bicep exercises.


And the funniest part is they expect that they will grow their biceps by doing that. You are also probably one of them.


To grow your biceps, you need to know the muscle anatomy of biceps, how it works, in which exercise which part of the bicep stimulates more, etc.


Then depending on these things, you need to choose the best bicep exercises to develop the overall bicep. You don’t have to worry.


Today I am going to share my list of favorite bicep workouts for mass. Along with that, I will share a sample of the bicep workout routine as well. So, let’s jump into the topic….


Bicep Muscle Anatomy


A bicep is a short group of muscle and its main function is flexion of your arms. When the bicep muscle contracts the lower limb comes closer to the upper limbs.


And the other one is twisting your wrist. Yes, you might hear it for the first time but the brachii muscle is the primary muscle to twist your wrist in a supinated position.


Now let’s talk about the muscles which work together in biceps. There is three-part of biceps; Brachii, Brachialis, Brachioradialis.


Though brachioradialis is the part of forearms, it also works in every bicep movement. And it is also important to focus on brachioradialis to grow your bicep. Because it compliments each other.


Brachii muscle is divided into two parts, short head, and long head. The long head is the outer part of the brachii muscle. And the inner part is called the short head of biceps.


There are various exercises with dumbbell, barbell, cable with their variations to target the different parts of biceps. So, let’s jump into the best bicep exercises between all of them.


Bicep Workouts With Dumbbells


There are different benefits of using dumbbell and barbell. Both are important to grow any muscle group. Most of the cases, especially for small muscle groups barbell is used to grow a lot of muscle mass and with dumbbells, you will give them definition.


Now if you always use barbell you are probably going to grow some sort of muscle mass but no definition at all. I have already mentioned that one of the primary functions of the bicep is to twisting the wrist.


So, it is very important to use dumbbells to grow your bicep because with barbells you can’t twist your wrist.


Concentration Curls


Concentration curl is a very good exercise to isolate your biceps. I like it most because it gives you a greater pump between the bicep workout routine or in the last of the workout, depending upon how you manage it to do.


And the other reason for selecting this exercise in my list of “best bicep exercises” is, it provides you a strong muscle and mind connection. Along with that for the bicep peak, it is one of the great bicep exercises.


How to perform


First, take a seat on a bench, then widen your legs a little bit. With one arm lift the dumbbell from the ground and keep it hanged by placing your elbow on your thigh inward.


At that point, your hand should be straight. Now bend your elbow and pull the dumbbell up. When you reach the top bend your wrist inward for maximum contraction. Make sure that your elbow is fixed on your thigh throughout the whole movement.


Then slowly lower the dumbbell but don’t fully stretch your arm or don’t hang your arm completely. Keep a slight bent on your elbow to keep the tension on your bicep. That will be your one rep.


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Seated Dumbbell Alternate Curls


Seated dumbbell alternate curl is a nice workout for bicep peak and overall definition of biceps. This one also stimulates the long head and the short head of bicep more than the other muscles.


Instead of standing dumbbell alternate curls I like the seated version because it locks your lower body. So, you cannot swing back and forth.


I have seen many people lift too many weights and the swing back and forth. This way you cannot grow your biceps ever.


How to perform


Choose your dumbbells and seat on the edge of the bench. Keep your arms hanged beside your torso.


Now make your spine straight and chest up. Take a deep breath and curl the dumbbells alternatively.


When one dumbbell reaches at the top breath out. Then again breath in, curl the other one and repeat the process.


Incline Dumbbell Curls


This one is my favorite bicep workout with dumbbells. In this workout, you can get a maximum stretch at the eccentric part, which will lead to maximum gains of your biceps.


Another best part of this workout is the entire body will be restricted. Only you have to curl the dumbbells with the hanging arms (biceps). So, there is no chance to cheat.


How to perform


Set a bench in an inclined angle. The angle should be between 45-60 degrees. Then grab a pair of dumbbells and lie down on the bench facing up. Hang your arms beside the bench.


Now take a deep breath and hold, curl the dumbbells at the same time and twist your wrists at the top. Breathe out and pause for a moment.


Then slowly lower the dumbbells. Keep a slight bend in your elbows at the bottom to keep the tension in your biceps throughout the movement. Repeat the whole process.


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Bicep Cable Exercises


Bicep exercises with cable are awesome to grow your muscles. I highly recommend adding cable exercises in your arm workout routine.


Especially those people who always complain that their bicep is not growing should definitely incorporate these exercises which I am going to discuss.


Cable Curl With Straight Bar


Cable curl is a very well-known exercise to grow bicep. There are so many variations to target the different areas of the biceps.


Cable curl with straight bar stimulates the brachii which is the short head and the long head. So, for mass on the brachii, this exercise is one of the best.


How To Perform


First place the pulley at the bottom of the machine, then attach a straight bar with the cable.


Now grab the bar, tall straight. You will already feel a stretch on your arms. This is going to be your starting position.


Keep your chest up and spine straight. Take a deep breath and then curl the bar all the way up. Make sure that your elbow should be fixed, it should not be moved.


Cable Hammer Curl


This one is my favorite. The reason you should incorporate cable bicep exercises is, it maintains the tension throughout the repetition. Which helps to grow biceps even more.


The cable hammer curl is best for the width of the bicep. It targets the brachialis and the brachioradialis muscle. For a great forearm, it is also a must-do exercise.


How to perform


Like the straight bar cable curl, place the pulley at the bottom and attach the rope handle with the cable.


Then grab the rope with a neutral grip and stand tall. Keep your hand straight down at the beginning of the workout.


Now keep your elbows locked, chest up and spine straight. Then pull the rope by flexing your arms. And squeeze the biceps at the top as hard as possible.


Slowly lower the cable and stretch your hands as it was at the beginning. It will be considered as one rep.


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High Cable Curl


There are very few exercises for bicep peak. High cable curl is one of them. Skinny people who want to grow their biceps, this one is for them.


I generally recommend people to add this exercise at the beginning of the arm workout routine. Because in the beginning, you have a lot of strength to lift heavy. And it will help to grow your bicep more.


How to perform


At first, place the pulley at the top of the machine. And attach a “D” handle with the cable.


Grab the handle with one arm and take one or two steps away from the machine. Your hand must be stretched because you were holding the handle.


Now lock the shoulder and elbow at the shoulder height, then flex your arms as much as possible.


When you reach the peak twist your wrist inward. This trick will help to grow your bicep peak. Then slowly release the cable at the starting position.


Cable Concentration Curl


Whenever you feel that you are not growing your bicep muscle try this one. It is a great exercise to come out of the plateau.


And the reason is the maximum peak contraction and stretch during the movement. Throughout the movement, the tension would be maintained in your bicep.


How to perform


First set the pulley at the lowest position of the machine and attach a “D” handle with the cable. Grab the handle and take a few steps away from the machine.


You can feel the tension in your arms. Now bent over almost 45 degrees and a little bent on your knees. Place your other hand on your hip for support.


Keep a little bent on the working arm for constant tension and keep it hanged perpendicular to the ground.


Now take a deep breath and keep your core tight, chest up. Then curl the cable as hard as possible and pause for a moment. Keep your elbow locked, then slowly lower the cable and get back to the starting position.


Best Bicep Exercises With Barbell


Bicep exercises with barbell generally put a lot of mass on your bicep. All the Bicep workouts with barbell mostly target the brachii muscle.


That is why bicep workouts for mass are mostly with the barbell. Now, let’s come to the point. Here is the list of bicep workouts with barbells


Barbell Curl


The barbell curl is on my favorite bicep workouts to put on mass in overall biceps. You can lift heavyweights in this exercise. The whole brachii (short and long head) muscle works more than the other muscles in biceps.


How to perform


First, grab a barbell with a supinated grip. Stand shoulder-width apart and lift the bar. Keep the bar completely hanged at the beginning of the workout.


keep your back straight and chest up. Now from the hanging position take a deep breath and hold. Then curl the bar up as much as possible. Squeeze your biceps at the top.


Then slowly lower the bar and breathe out. That will be your one rep.


EZ bar Spider Curl


If you are concerned about the thickness of your biceps then this workout is for you. It will give you that wider looking biceps and a big rounded shape in your arms.


I have trained many people who had a very thin arm. This workout provides them a very good result. It is one of the best bicep workouts for mass. Now let’s see how to perform this.


How to perform


At first, set an incline bench at a 45-degree angle. Although the angle can be adjusted. Lie down on that bench by facing down with the chest supported on the bench.


Now keep your back straight, squeeze your butts and chest up. Keep your hands hanged perpendicular and look forward. At this stage tell someone to hand you the EZ bar.


From this position take a deep breath and curl the bar straight upwards. Make sure that your upper arms are locked. It should not be moved. Then slowly lower the bar as it was at the starting position.


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Reverse EZ Bar Curl


Reverse EZ bar curl is one of the best bicep exercises for width. You will see a massive growth after including this workout in your arms workout plan.


This workout hits your brachialis and brachioradialis muscle. You can adjust this workout at the last of the session.


How to perform


  1. First, have an EZ bar according to how much you can lift. Then grab it a little closer than your shoulder-width.


Keep your hand hanged at the starting position. Keep your chest up, spine straight. Take a deep breath and curl the bur by flexing your arms.


At the top pause for a moment and breathe out. Then slowly lower the EZ bar at the starting position. It will be your one rep.


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Best Bicep Compound Exercises


The bicep is a small muscle. And its primary function is flexion of arms and twisting of wrists. So, it is basically a single joint movement.


But there are very few exercises you can do which are multiple joint (compound) exercises for biceps. I generally recommend these exercises to add when hit a plateau. Now let’s see the exercises.


Close Grip Chin-up


It is an awesome exercise when it comes to thickening your biceps. So many beginners even can’t do this exercise. But it can give you massive gains in your biceps.


How to perform


First, grab a pull up bar with an underhand grip. The width of your palms should be less than your shoulder.


Hang yourself completely. From that dead hang position, take a deep breath and pull yourself until the bar comes close to your upper chest.


At the top pause for a second, then slowly lower yourself at the starting position. It is your one rep.


Bicep Drag Curl


If you are looking for a variation in bicep exercises the bicep drag curl Is for you. It is one of the best bicep exercises ever. And my favorite as well.


In this exercise, you can achieve a greater contraction in your bicep. You can lift heavy in this exercise as well.


How to perform


At the beginning grab a barbell with the shoulder width and stand tall straight. You grip will be a supinated grip. Elbow should be closer to your torso.


Keep your chest up and spine straight, take a deep breath then drag the bar up by pulling your elbows behind. The bar should be in contact with your torso as you drag up the bar.


At the top, pause for a second and breathe out. Then slowly drag down the bar at the starting position.


The bar should be in contact with your torso throughout the complete movement. Repeat the recommended reps.


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Sample Bicep Workout Routine


So, finally here is a sample bicep workout routine for you guys. It is a very simple workout plan for beginners and intermediate gym-goers. Let’s check this out.


High Cable Curl

4 sets of 6-8 reps (90-sec rest)

Barbell Curl

4 sets  6-8-10-12 reps (45-60 sec rest)

Reverse EZ Bar Curl

4 sets  8-10-10-12 reps (45-sec rest)

Concentration Curl

3 sets  12-15 reps (45-sec rest)


Although it a sample workout for bicep but I don’t recommend doing this in a single-arm workout session. You can add workouts of triceps or other muscle groups with it. Then it will be a complete workout day.




Now you know the best bicep exercises with various equipment. You can follow the sample bicep workout routine for some change or you can adjust your arm workout plan by yourself.


But always remember bicep is a very small muscle group so don’t train it too much at one session. You can add two or three arm workout sessions in a week. 3-4 exercises per session are enough if you train them properly.


Make sure you are consuming a good amount of protein-rich foodsAnd take a good rest. Otherwise, your biceps will not grow.


That’s it for today guys for more information check my other articles. Let me know if you have any questions. I will be there to answer you. You can follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.





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