Best Exercises for weight loss you should include

Best Exercises for weight loss you should include

Think of fat loss, and you probably start doing endless cardio, running, without knowing that which are the best exercises for weight loss. There are plenty of exercises which triggers weight loss fast.


Cardio is good and necessary to increase the caloric deficit, but our body is too smart about how it regulates the energy it uses.


If you only rely on cardio to lose weight and don’t do weight training, you are probably going to slow down your metabolism.


For example, if you only do running for one hour each day in order to lose weight for six months or more. You won’t be able to burn the same number of calories as you did burn at the beginning.


Your body gets used to with that and now you need to do more than before to get the better result.


In weight training it doesn’t happen because it is easier to make a little tweak in your training sessions- whether that’s exercise selection, equipment, sets reps, volume, tempo, intensity or training protocol. And your body has to respond in that new type of training.


On the other hand, having a large amount of muscle mass increases your metabolism and helps to burn more fat.


So, doing weight training is better than only doing cardio for a long run to losing body fat and maintain it.


Weight training gives your body a signal to preserve or build more muscle mass. The cardiovascular activity doesn’t send that signal to your body. because during cardio fast-twitch muscle fiber doesn’t work that much.


So, include weight training in your workout schedule and you will see the benefits of it.


I am going to share the workouts in three categories which is best for weight. Which is “workouts with weights”, “bodyweight workouts”, “cardio”.


Weight Exercises for weight loss


Any type of compound exercise is good for fat loss. Because to perform a compound movement you need more power and strength.


Many muscles will be involved to perform this and eventually you will burn more calories.



Muscles Worked: glutes, quads, core muscles, calves.


How to Perform:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart


  1. Place a bar with weights on your traps.


  1. Bend your knees and lower your hips. Stop when your thighs are just parallel to the floor.


  1. Then push yourself against the floor and stand tall, in your starting position.


Barbell Deadlift


Muscles Worked: lower back muscles, core muscles, quads, hamstrings, glutes. scapula, traps.


How to Perform:

  1. Place your foot under a bar.


  1. Lower yourself to grab the bar by hinging your hips. It seems like you are going to thrust your hips back.


  1. Grab the bar. Make your core tight and chest up, the back will be straight. Then lift the bar and stand tall.


  1. Then slowly down the bar or leave the bar and then repeat again.


Bench Press


Muscles Worked: chest, triceps, core muscles, traps.


How to Perform:


  1. Lie on a flat bench and place yourself under the bar.


  1. Grab the bar a little bit wider than your shoulder width.


  1. Unrack the bar and place it over your chest. Make your chest up, breath in and hold.


  1. Slowly lower and touch the bar in your lower chest and push the bar forcefully.


Clean and Press For weight Loss


Muscles Worked: quads, hamstring, back muscles, shoulder, triceps, core muscles


How to Perform:


  1. Place your feet and hold the bar in a deadlift position.


  1. Pull the bar forcefully straight up while keeping the bar close to your body and place it on your upper chest.


  1. Then do a shoulder press. After that lower the bar at your upper chest and lower the bar at the ground.


  1. Flare your elbows during the movement. Make sure that you don’t curl the bar. Lift the bar with the strength of your full body like you are about to do a snatch.


Body Weight Exercises for Weight loss




Muscles Worked: lats, biceps, abs, forearms.


How to Perform:


  1. You need a pull-up bar to perform this. First, grab the bar with shoulder width or a little bit wider.


  1. Bend your elbows and pull the bar to lift yourself.


  1. Touch your chest with the bar.


  1. Slowly lower yourself and then repeat again.




Muscles Worked: chest, shoulder, triceps, core muscles.


How to Perform:


  1. Lie face down with your hand shoulder-width apart or a little bit wider. Your toes will be touched with the ground.


  1. Your back will be straight and chest up.


  1. Bend your elbows to lower yourself and try to touch the chest with the floor but don’t touch.


  1. Then push yourself by straightening your elbows.


Body Weight Dips


Muscles Worked: triceps, abs, chest.


How to Perform:


  1. In a dip station grab the bars and push yourself up. It will be your starting position.


  1. Slowly lower yourself until your elbows make a 90 degree.


  1. Then push yourself to the starting position.


Walking Lunges


Muscles Worked: quads, glutes, core muscles.


How to Perform:


  1. stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.


  1. Take a step forward and bend your knees. Bend your knees 90ºand your thigh will be parallel to the ground.


  1. Then stand up and step up another leg to repeat the same.


Best Cardio for Weight loss


Remember, cardio is not bad. It is very good for your heart and lungs. It boosts your endurance. But what I am trying to say is doing only cardio every day is not considered the best exercises for weight loss.


Rather than doing only cardio focus on weight training and include two to three sessions of cardio in a week to burn more calories.


Jumping Ropes


How to Perform:


  1. Grab a jumping rope and swing it across your body from your head toe.


  1. When the rope reaches to your feet skip the rope by doing jumping.


  1. Keep continuing the process.




How to Perform:


  1. First, do a push-up as I mentioned above.


  1. Just after doing a push-up place yourself in a squat position and jump as high as possible.


  1. Then again do a push-up and repeat the whole process.


High Knees


How to Perform:


  1. Stand up straight and your feet will be hip-width apart.


  1. Place your hands’ palms down facing the floor, hovering above your belly.


  1. Quickly drive your one knee up to touch the hand then lower it and drive the other one. Repeat the process.


  1. Do this quickly by jumping yourself.


High Jumps


How to Perform:


  1. Place your feet shoulder-width apart.


  1. Lower yourself in a squat position the explosively jump yourself as high as possible.


  1. Repeat the process, jumping like that.




These exercises are the best exercises for weight loss. But there are plenty of exercises you can do to lose weight. Make sure to choose the exercises which need more power and strength to perform.


Which mostly happen to perform compound exercises. So, you should include more compound exercises in your workout routine.


Add two to three sessions of cardio of about 15-20 minutes is well enough to burn extra calories.




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