How To Do Bicep Curl With Proper Form

How To Do Bicep Curl With Proper Form

The bicep curl is a great exercise for arm development if you do it correctly. Are you really doing the bicep curl in a proper form or just swinging the bar? Get to know how to do bicep curl properly


Because if you don’t do it correctly the bicep will not grow and on the other hand you will injure yourself.


There are many types of biceps curl exercises you can do. I am going to explain how to do barbell bicep curl properly.


Many of you are probably doing this exercise wrong. I see many people just swinging the bar and whole body, which is the worst form ever.


That way no doubt you will feel elbow pain, wrist pain, maybe shoulder pain later. So, get to know the right form to do the biceps curl properly.


Set up & Posture to Do Bicep Curl


There is nothing complicated setup and posture to do the exercise. Just stand tall make your spine straight and chest up.


Grab the bar with shoulder-width apart. Although there are many variations of bicep curl on how you grab the bar and the hand placement. But in the regular bicep curl just hold the bar with shoulder-width apart.


Executing The Bicep Curl


After holding the bar by standing tall, take a deep breath and hold. Make your core tight and curl the bar all the way up and squeeze your biceps at the top. But don’t move your elbows.


Your elbows should not be moved during the movement. It should be locked in that position and closer your elbows to your torso.


When you reach the top breath out. Then slowly lower the bar as well as take a deep breath. In the bottom do not fully stretch your biceps keep a slight bend in your elbows. Then repeat the whole process again.


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The tempo should be 3-1-1. When you lower the bar take three seconds, then curl the bar explosively and take a pause at the top for one second.


when you lower the bar do it slowly with control. and feel the stretch in your biceps.


Variations of The Bicep Curl


There are many variations of bicep curl to target the different parts of the bicep. Those are:


Dumbbell Curl: This exercise stimulates both the short and the long head of the bicep. By doing the curl with dumbbells you have flexibility in your rest.


So, twisting the pinky upward you can squeeze the short head more. This will help you to increase the bicep peak.


Preacher Curl: This exercise is basically a restricted form of a barbell curl. In this form, you will get more stretch more contraction at the top and much more mind-muscle connection.


Close Grip Bicep Curl: When you grab the bar closely, you are going to stimulate the outer part of the bicep which is called brachialis. It helps to increase the width of the bicep.


Wide Grip Bicep Curl: When you grab the bar widely, you will stimulate the inner part of the biceps more. The short head of the bicep.


Reverse Grip Bicep Curl: Reverse grip is a great exercise to grow your forearms as well as the width of the biceps. It basically simulates the brachialis and the brachioradialis muscle.


EZ Bar Bicep Curl: It is basically a simple twist in the form by changing the bar. When you use an EZ bar rather than a straight bar your long head and the brachialis muscle get more activated.


There are also many variations of biceps exercises you can add in your arm day to hit the bicep from a different angle.


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The biceps curl is a nice workout for arm development. But to get the proper result you need to do it properly. I have seen many people, they just swing the bar rather than curling the bar. This is probably for the heavyweight. So, choose the weight according to your strength level and do the exercise properly.




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