How To Get Rid Of Love Handles For Men & Women

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles For Men & Women

After many silly exercises and hard diet people are still searching for “how to get rid of love handles for men & women”. Because they are failed. If you are one of them then this article is for you.


“Love handles” the phrase may sound cute, but it is the most annoying type of fat which is quite obstinate to lose.


There are lots of silly information available on the internet like “how to get rid of love handles in 3 days”, “lose love handles in 10 days”, blah blah…


But the truth is love handles take time to get away from your body and you need to follow a strict diet and workout plan for better results. Love handles and lower belly fat is the hardest to lose fat from.


Myths To Get Rid Of Love Handles


There are lots of misguided information regarding love handles. And people are believing these and trying the methods. Some of those are:


Lose Fat From Specific Area


You may hear from many people that to lose love handles do hundreds of side crunches, thousands of crunches, side leg-raise, and lots of dumb exercises. [1]


But the reality is you can’t lose fat from a specific area. Spot fat reduction is not possible.


Because when your body burns fat stores, it doesn’t use the nearest fat store of a muscle which worked most. In other words, doing side crunches doesn’t burn fat in that area (love handles).


 Body Wraps Melt Fats


This is 2019 but still many people believe that body wraps can melt fat. Companies claim that wearing body wraps you will sweat a lot that means you are losing fat from that area (marketing trick).


But the fact is you are sweating doesn’t mean you are losing fat. If that was true, then people will lose more fat in summer naturally without any effort.


And by tightening skin with a wrapper you will not lose fat of that area.


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How To Get Rid Of Love Handles


In order to get rid of love handles, both men and women should do three things:

#First, track your diet. a good and clean diet is very very important to get rid of that last bit of fat. You need to eat clean foods.


#second, include a proper workout routine. Diet only can’t lose love handles. You need to do the workout as well. Now, what type of workout to do? I’ll be telling you. Keep reading…


#third, patience; it is the only key to sustain to any diet or workout plan. Love handles take time to lose. So, you need to be consistent with your plan.


Focus On Nutrition


People say to lose fat you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. Losing fat is not just about the only calorie in calories out. The type of foods you are eating matters a lot.


You need to focus more on nutrient-dense foods rather than just counting the calories of foods.


Then what to do?

Cut Off Added Sugars


If you want to lose fat than remember that sugar is your enemy. Healthy eating is the key to reduce fat from any part of your body. Avoiding added sugar one of the ways to clean up your diet.


Added sugars are found in foods like ice cream, candies, cookies, and beverages like soda, sports drinks, packed fruit juices, etc. so, you need to avoid these things from your lifestyle.


Studies have shown that especially fructose, which is founded in beverages, causes an increase in belly fat in adults [2,3]. So, avoid foods that are labeled high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).


Even sugar added beverages are also responsible for weight gain [4]. These types of foods are not just high caloric food, they contain few nutrients.


Eat Plenty Of Protein


Add high-quality protein in your daily diet chart to maintain muscle mass. Protein is necessary to increase muscle mass as well. And build muscle mass will eventually help you to burn more fat.


Studies have shown that a protein-rich diet is more effective to reduce belly fat than low protein diet [5,6].


The sources of high-quality protein are chicken, whey protein, fish, milk, eggs, paneer, soy, nuts, seeds, etc.


Don’t Avoid Fats


Many people start avoiding fats to lose fat, which the dumbest thing. Healthy fats are very necessary for your skin, heart, brain, and hormones.


When you stop taking fats from outside your body starts cravings of fat and to protect itself it starts storing fats. So, don’t listen to them who tell you to avoid eating fats to lose body fat.


But you need to consume healthy fats and in moderation. There are many foods rich in healthy fats. These are nuts, seeds, avocado, fatty fish or fish oil, olive oil, etc.


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Add Fiber In Your Diet


Adding fiber-rich foods in your diet will help to regulate blood sugar levels and in control. It also controls the calorie intake.


Fiber slows down digestion and decreases the feeling of hunger. You will feel fuller for a longer period of time.


You need to add fiber in every meal of the day. The sources of fiber are whole wheat, brown rice, vegetables, oats, quinoa, lentils, etc.


Include Complex Carbs


Stop taking simple carbs like white rice, white potato, white bread, pasta, refined flour, etc. this type of food is very tasty but so unhealthy.


Because it increases the blood sugar level instantly. And the instant rise of blood sugar causes the spike insulin. Insulin spike feels you good and feels you better. That’s why you will crave again for a refined carb for that good feeling.


This is the reason people get addicted to junk foods, sweet drinks, and all those things. So, stop taking simple carbs and introduce complex carbs. It doesn’t spike your insulin.


Whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat, oats, quinoa, sweet potato are a good source of complex carbs.


Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles


Believe it or not, workout has a big role in getting rid of love handles. You must need to mindful of your workout schedule, types of workout you are doing, the intensity of the workout.


To lose love handles you need to do both strength training and cardio. In strength training, you need to focus on power movements like deadlift, squats, bench press, etc.


DEADLIFT: Deadlift is a great exercise for back muscles, core and developing strength and muscle mass. It needs much power and strength to perform. So, it burns lots of calories and builds muscles as well.


SQUAT:  Squat is also a wonderful exercise for developing strength and muscle mass. To perform this, you need much core stability. Which eventually tighten and stimulate the core muscles. Which is great for love handles.


BENCH PRESS: Bench press mainly targets the chest and develops the muscles on the chest. But this is a good exercise for love handles because it is a compound exercise. Compound exercises are great to increase heart rate and burn lots of calories.


PULL-UPS: Pull-up is also a good compound movement to burn fat. But especially to lose love handles it is a great exercise. It mainly stimulates the lats. For a “v” taper look and to lose love handles you should develop lats muscles.  There are many other benefits of doing pull-ups. So, I highly recommend adding a pull up in your workout plan


REVERES GRIP LAT PULLDOWN: Reveres grip lat pulldown is a perfect exercise to target the lower lats. It is also great for that “v” taper look. So, you must include this workout in your work out routine.


STANDING CABLE WOOD CHOPPER:  Woodchopper is a great workout to tightening and strengthening your core. It will tone up your core and side belly. It must help you to get rid of that lose fatty skin from your side bally.


CARDIO: cardio is necessary to burn the extra calories and it is also good for heart and lung health. You don’t need to do lots of cardio to get rid of love handles. Add two to three sessions of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).


These are a few tips for the workout plan you should follow. Exercises which I have mentioned are good exercises to get rid of love handles, but that doesn’t mean you should do only those exercises.


You should plan a proper workout routine according to your condition and according to your body. I can’t share any workout plan because everybody is different. So, find a trainer and create a proper workout plan.


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Tips To Get Rid Of Love Handles: Men & Women


Ok, now when you start following proper diet and workout plan then you should follow some tips which I am going to share. You should implement this in your daily lifestyle.


Detox Your Body


Detoxification helps for long term weight management. If your body is toxic then you will feel tired, fatigued, stressed, bloated, overworked and you can’t put intensity in your workout.


You will always find excuses to run out of the gym. The toxin in your body increases the stress level for which you can’t recover yourself fast. So, detoxification will help you to burn that extra bit of fat in your body indirectly.


Lemon water, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon powder, etc. Those are good remedies for detoxification.


Proper Sleep


During stress, the body tends to store fat on its belly area to protect the organs inside. This is called “stress belly”. Because during any survival situation it is the default program of the human body to store fat to save the vital organs. Stress is also like a signal of danger for the human body.


You don’t want that as you want to lose side belly fat (love handles). So, give your body a proper rest by having at least six to seven hours of good sleep. A lot of fat burning and muscle burning process also occurs during our sleep.


Drink Water


Drinking plenty of water is also essential for weight loss. Drinking water is important for everybody to stay healthy. It is the best fluid to flush out toxins from your body


In fact, during fat loss when fat mix with blood from the fatty cells as a form of fatty acids it is important to circulate them all over the body. so, you need to drink lots of water.


Multivitamins & minerals


In our body multivitamins & minerals are important for better recovery, boost in metabolism.

Multivitamins like B1, B2, B3, and B6 improves your digestion. Which helps you to get proper nutrition from foods.


Lacking in zinc and B6 reduces the level of serotonin production from the brain which leads to increase hunger.


Having a multivitamins & minerals tablet will be a great option for weight loss. There is no side effect of it anyone can have this. But still, you should consult with a physician.


Especially if you are in a medical condition then you should definitely consult with your physician.


Boost Metabolism


A lot of people start consuming fewer foods to lose love handles. Which eventually slows down their metabolism. Your body is much smarter than you.


To get rid of love handles for both men and women it is very important to boost metabolism. So, don’t cut down too many calories.


Try to build muscle. As I mentioned before you can build muscle mass and lose fat at the same time. So, do resistance training with high intensity.


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Calorie Manipulation


Calorie manipulation is a great technique to lose that last little cute fat from your side belly. I love this technique. Calorie manipulation is nothing but changing the calorie intake on a daily basis.


Create a diet chart in which your daily calorie intake is different. Some day it is moderately high, someday it’s low. That your body will be shocked by your daily routine of calorie intake.


Create this chart for one week and repeat this every week. Like every Monday “x” calorie, every Tuesday “y” calorie and so on.


Try Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating. In this pattern, you are going to be fasting for a limited time and consume total daily calories in a specific time window.


Some popular methods are:

  • The 16/8 Method: This is the most popular one and easy to do. In this method, you have to do fasting for 16 hours and eat foods in 8 hours window.
  • The 20/4 Method: This is similar to the 16/8 method. You will consume your daily calories in 4 hours and 20 hours you will be doing fasting.
  • Alternate Day Fasting: In this method, you need to eat one day and fast every alternate day.

But I personally recommend you, to do the first one and that is the popular one if you want to try intermittent fasting.


Remember, during intermittent fasting, you must need to complete the daily calorie limit. That means if in your diet plan you need to consume 1700 cal. Then have that many calories don’t eat less.


Many people can’t consume that many calories in that short period of time, so they start taking less, that is why always track your macros.


If you are also one of them who can’t have that much food in a short period of time, then it is not necessary to do intermittent fasting. Follow the other tips which I have given.




Lose Love handles for men is a very serious issue and embarrassing as well. It looks very bad from behind and it doesn’t look attractive at all. A great “v” shape look is considered as great physique for men. And love handle is the biggest enemy of that “v” taper look.


If you want to get rid of love handles, then the first thing you need to do is dropping your body fat percentage. If you have a high body fat percentage then focus on losing that weight first.


Then when you drop a lot of fats and relatively lean then focus on love handles. Have a clean diet, and train hard. Losing love handles is a slow process. It will take time. So, be patient.


So, that’s it for love handles guys. Stay healthy stay fit. If you have any questions regarding love handles comment down below. For more updates like on Facebook, also follow me on PinterestTwitter.


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