List Of Good Carbs You Should Know Before Any Program

List Of Good Carbs You Should Know Before Any Program

List of good carbs is very important to know to customize a healthy diet plan and personalize it according to individuals. Although carbs are highly controversial in the fitness industry; but you know, carbohydrate is very essential for our body.


Some claim carbohydrate causes obesity, some blame that it causes type-2 diabetes, but the fact is you need to choose healthy carbs to eat and you need to have it as per your need.


Carbohydrate becomes very infamous over the year because of some fad diet like the ketogenic diet, Atkins diet, etc. These kinds of diets promote the restriction of carbs in our diet to lose weight.


But if you ask my opinion personally, then I don’t recommend those kinds of fad diets to my clients. Because those are not for an average person, secondly these are not long term strategy of living a healthy & fit lifestyle. Therefore, I recommend a very simple diet that anyone can follow.


Importance Of Healthy Carbohydrate


Carbohydrate is one of the three macro-nutrients that our body needs to produce energy (the other two are proteins and fats). Carbohydrate is the primary source of energy.


In another hand, our central nervous system, muscles, brains, heart, lungs, and other organs need carbs to function properly. Even also in the ketogenic diet, our body converts the fats into glucose to continue the essential functions.


For those who want to gain weight, carbohydrate is the most important macro-nutrient in their diet. But that doesn’t mean you start eating carbs from potato chips, fried snacks, ice cream, high fructose corn syrup, etc.


Similarly, for those who want to lose weight, although they should cut down their carbs intake, they should not cut off the carbs of their diet. If you want to lose weight make a list of good carbs to lose weight.


Therefore, you need to make a list of good carbs and include those in your diet. In other words, a variety of healthy carbs gives the flexibility to change your taste and motivates you to stick in a diet.


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List Of Good Carbs


Before I jump into the list of healthy carbohydrate foods, you should know what kind of foods are primarily known as the source of carbohydrates. Grains, lentils/beans, fruits, vegetables are examples of carbohydrate foods.




Brown Rice  

Brown rice is a very well famous source of healthy carbohydrates. Almost every bodybuilder prefer brown rice in their diet as the source of carbohydrate. It is a good option for lunch.


In 1 cup of cooked brown rice contains almost 44g of complex carbohydrate and 3.5g of fiber. There is almost 216 cal in 1 cup.



As a healthy breakfast option, oats have been always the first preference for years. You can have many recipes of oats so it is very versatile as well.

In 1 cup of cooked oatmeal contains almost 140 cal. There are 28g of carbs, 4g of fiber, 5g protein, and 2.5g of fat.


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Among the grains, quinoa has the highest amount of protein. 1 cup cooked quinoa gives you 222cal. Almost 39.4g of complex carbs, 5.2g of fiber, 8g of protein, and 3.6g of fat.



Buckwheat is a popular grain consumed as breakfast and the good thing is it is gluten-free. Therefore, everyone can add this to their diet. It has a very good effect on lowering the blood sugar level.


1 cup cooked buckwheat has almost 33.5g of complex carbohydrate of which there is 4.5g fiber, 5.5g of protein, and 1g of fat. You will get 155cal by 1 cup of cooked buckwheat.


Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is one of the best options for snacks or pre-workout meals. Although it is not a great option for those who are gluten intolerance. 1 slice (31g) of whole wheat bread provides 80cal. There are 14g carbs of which 2g fiber, 3g protein, and 2g fat.



Corn is a very nutritious food and tasty as well if you prepare them properly. It is also very flexible to eat. 1 cup of raw corn provides 125cal. 27g of carbohydrate of which 3g fiber, almost 5g protein, and 2g fat.




Black beans

Black beans are one of the great sources of carbohydrates as well as protein. Very good for weight loss and constipation because it has a very high amount of fiber.


1 cup of boiled black turtle beans provides you almost 218 cal. There are 39g of carbohydrates of which 16g fiber, which is great. 14.5g of protein and almost 1g of fat.


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Kidney beans  

Kidney beans are another best source of complex carbs. For vegetarian it can be also a great source of protein. 1 cup boiled kidney beans provides 225 cal.


Therefore it is great for weight loss. You will get 40g carbohydrate of which 13g fiber, 15g protein, and almost 1g of fat.



Chickpeas are very inexpensive and available anywhere. It is also known as garbanzo beans. 1 cup of boiled chickpeas contains 269 cal. 45g carbs, 12.5g fiber, 14.5g protein, and 4g of fat.



Lentils are very common in the diet, especially in South Asian countries. Also a great source of protein for vegetarians. Although it is incomplete protein but the combination of rice and lentils will give you a complete protein profile.


1 cup of boiled lentils have almost 230 cal. There are almost 40g of carbohydrate, 15.5g fiber, 18g of protein, and 1g fat.


 Fruits & Vegetables


Sweet potato

Sweet potato is a great choice for post-workout because it is very easy to cook and tasty as well. I love sweet potato very much if you also like please comment below “yes”.


1 cup of raw sweet potato cubes provides almost 114 cal. There are 27g of complex carbohydrates, 4g dietary fiber, 2g of protein, and almost no fat.



Beetroot is one of the great examples of carbohydrates food and good antioxidant food. 1 cup of raw beet contains 58.5 cal. 13g of complex carbs and 4g of fiber. There are almost 2g of protein and almost no fat.



Taro is a very common food in South Asian countries. It is very high in fiber. 1 cup cooked sliced taro contains 187 cal. 45g complex carbs of which 7g is fiber. 5g protein and almost zero fat.  



Banana is very common in every country, inexpensive and a great source of healthy carbs. It is filled with potassium and magnesium. Therefore it is good for the heart as well.


1 medium size (7” approximately) banana gives you 105 cal. There are 27g complex carbs of which 3g fiber, 1g protein, and no fat.


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Dates are naturally sweet and can reduce your sugar cravings. As a pre-workout snack, I highly prefer dates because it will give you the energy and mental stimulant as it is sweet in taste.


1 Medjool dates (24g) contains 66 cal. 18g carbohydrate, 1.5g fiber, 0.5g protein, and no fat.  



Peaches are another good source of carbohydrates. It is also very low in calories so good for weight loss. 1 cup of sliced peaches contains 60 cal. 15g of carbohydrate, 2.5g of fiber, 1.5g of protein, and almost zero fat.



Orange is a very well famous fruit across the world. Many people like to have orange as a mid-morning or evening snack. It is good for the heart and eye as well.

1 cup orange contains 85 cal. Almost 21 carbohydrates, 4.5g fiber, 1.5g protein, and no fat.




It’s true that overconsumption of carbs causes some serious health issues like obesity, type-2 diabetes, fatty liver, etc. But at the same time, you need to keep in mind that the carbohydrate is our primary source of energy.


Rather than avoiding carbs, it is better to have a list of good carbs and introduce them in your recipes. Because without carbs you can not be able to get sustainable energy and healthy carbs also improve your mental health. 


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