Are You Skinny Fat? How To Get Rid Of Skinny Fat

Are You Skinny Fat? How To Get Rid Of Skinny Fat

Have you stuck in a condition where you look so skinny but also feel much fat when you hold your skin? Then you are “skinny fat”.


Skinny fat refers to the condition when you look skinny but also at the same time you have lots of fats in your body.  Especially in your belly; it will look like a pot.


Skinny fat people have very little muscle mass and lots of fat. That means an imbalance between muscle and fat level is the reason you are skinny fat.


Being skinny is not healthy at all. So, if you are a skinny fat guy then keep reading.


Why You Are Skinny Fat


There are lots of reasons for skinny fat. Let’s take a closer look at those reasons:


Wrong Weight Loss Advice


Are you one of them who concerned with the number on the weighing scale?


Many people are too concerned to decrease the number of weighing scales. And in order to lose weight fast, they start taking wrong advice from people who claim to “lose 10 pounds in one week” or else.


And end up with skinny fat, because losing weight and losing fat are two different things.


You should focus on a healthy way to lose fat. Don’t try shortcuts, in the long run, it is always harmful.


Eating Too Less


Eating too little is a major reason for becoming a skinny fat guy.


So many people eat less than what they need in a day to maintain their weight.

Whether they do it for weight loss or they don’t know how much they need to eat a day.


Eating less can slow down your metabolism. And slow metabolism is the reason for muscle loss and storing fat.


So, eat foods according to your body. Don’t follow any shortcut diet.

Eating too less causes skinny fat

Too Much Of Cardio


Is doing cardio bad?  Not at all.


Doing cardio is not a bad thing but doing excessive cardio can be the cause of muscle loss.


Have you seen runners, swimmers? they don’t have that much muscle mass as a bodybuilder has. Because they do lots of cardio to increase their endurance.


Less Sleep


Now a day’s people are too busy that they don’t even get a night of proper sleep. But you need to understand that “health is wealth”.


You have only one body and if you don’t care about it later you may get lots of health problem and you need to rely on medicines, which may lead to more health problems.


Remember, medicine is a temporary solution to any health problem, not a permanent one.


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How To Get Rid Of Skinny Fat


First of all, you need to change your lifestyle. Bad lifestyle is the biggest reason for becoming skinny fat.


So, what to change in your lifestyle?


Include Resistance Training


In your workout routine start to incorporate resistance training. Because your first goal to get rid of skinny fat should be gaining muscle. And this can be possible only when you do weight training.


Try to add at least four to five sessions of weight training in a week.


Your workout program should be customized as 70% of compound exercises and 30% of isolation exercises.


That means you need to focus on heavy compound movement most like the deadlift, bench press, pull-ups, squats, lunges, bodyweight dips, etc.


A compound movement is responsible for building strength and put on muscle mass on your body. And by building muscle eventually you will burn fat.

resistance training for skinny fat

Eat Plenty Of Protein


Eating lots of protein is a must. Lots of protein means at least 30%-35% of your daily calories should come from protein.


Remember, the number may vary individual to individual according to the body type and how their body responds.


You should be eating quality protein like lean chicken, eggs, whey protein, paneer, soy protein, low-fat milk, etc.


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Balanced Diet Plan


Skinny fat people should be very careful about their diet. Because they are in a state where you can’t have a diet for bulking because you already have lots of fat in your body.


Even you should not be in a caloric deficit because you need to build muscle and you have already slow metabolism, in this case, if you eat less, your metabolism will be slower.


It is a very tricky condition for your body. So, you need to consume enough foods to maintain your metabolism and build muscle at the same time you need to burn fats.


You may hear from people that you can’t build muscle and lose fat at the same time. It is wrong many studies have shown that you can build muscle and lose fat at the same time.


You need to follow a proper diet for that. Get rid of junk foods, sugar-rich foods, and replace them with nutrient-rich foods, healthy snacks. Have a clean diet and be patient.


Start Taking Healthy Fats


Healthy fats are very essential for hormone productions, cell membranes, for your brain cells, and for many other things.


Many people don’t consume fats in order to lose fat. They believe that to lose fat stop consuming fats.


First, you need to understand all the macronutrient is necessary for good health. Though carbohydrate is a non-essential macronutrient.


You need to have all those three macronutrients in the proper ratio to achieve a healthy physique.


So, stop believing in bro science and start consuming healthy fats like olive oil, nuts &seeds, fish oil, avocado, etc.


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Have A Proper Sleep


Proper rest is very very important for everybody. At least six-eight hours of sleep is necessary.


Not having a night of proper sleep is a root cause of many diseases. Slow metabolism is one of them. As I mentioned above slow metabolism is the main reason for becoming skinny fat.


On the other hand, you will be lifting heavy to build muscle, which means eventually you are going to give your body more stress.


To reduce that stress level, you need to have a proper good sleep.


Reduce Your Cardio Session


Doing lots of cardio causes muscle loss, that doesn’t mean cardio is bad. Overdoing of anything can be harmful. So, reduce the amount of your cardio session.


Do only one or two sessions of cardio for about fifteen to twenty minutes. That’s enough for losing fat.


I personally recommend doing slow steady-state cardio. Because you are skinny fat that means you have a slow metabolism. And in a caloric deficit diet plan cardio can slow your metabolism more.


So, I prefer a LIIT (low-intensity interval training) for a better result.


Fixing The Meal Timing


Fasting for weight loss is very beneficial. This is true that there are many benefits of intermittent fasting. But I don’t recommend someone who is skinny fat.


Because the main problem of a skinny fat guy is a less amount of muscle mass. And to build lean muscle mass, you need to focus on your meal frequency.


Eat every two to two and a half hours. Take five to six meals every day. Don’t do fasting for a long time.


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For any kind of transformation, you need to keep patience. Skinny fat transformation needs time because building muscle is a slow process. You need to weight for at least two months to see the visible changes in your body.


Design a workout plan and diet plan according to your body and stay consistent with it. Skinny fat may lead to many health problems like high blood sugar, elevated blood pressure, heart diseases, etc.


Besides that being a skinny fat guy you may feel less energetic, dizziness, low level of body strength, unsatisfying body shape, brain fog, which you don’t want.


So, take the step to start a new lifestyle to make yourself the better version of yourself than yesterday.


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