10 Benefits Of Pull ups Everyday -Nobody Tells You

10 Benefits Of Pull ups Everyday -Nobody Tells You

Before doing pull-ups you should know the benefits of pull-ups so that you can work on your weak parts of your body. It is a great bodyweight workout.


It needs a greater effort to do pull ups. And in exercises the greater the efforts, the greater the benefits.


If you get to know the benefits of pull-ups you can implement this according to your weak muscles or strong muscles.


That means, for example, if your back strength is weak then you should do pull-ups every alternative day. Otherwise twice or thrice a day is enough.


There are so many benefits of doing pull ups. You should know that, and work on them to improve yourself. So, keep reading and find out what are the benefits you may have by doing pull ups.


How To Do Pull-ups


Before jump into the benefits of pull ups, you should know how to do pull ups. Because if don’t do pull-ups in the correct form, you may injure yourself badly.


And you couldn’t stimulate the muscles correctly to get the maximum benefits out of it. So, get to know how to do it properly.


  1. First, find a bar or something like that to hang yourself.


  1. Then jump up and grab the bar tightly with little wider than shoulder-width apart. Retract your scapula. Make your chest up.


  1. Take a deep breath and hold. Then pull yourself up. Try to pull yourself fully and touch your chest with the bar.


  1. Then slowly lower yourself back down and hang as you did at the starting position.


  1. Repeat the same process again. When you lower yourself, it will be slow and controlled. When you pull to do it fast with your full power.


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Working Muscles


Pull-ups is not a single joint movement. Many muscles work together to do a pull-up.

Those muscles are:


Latissimus dorsi


Commonly referred to as “lats”. These muscles get stimulate most.


Lats are mainly used in any kind of pulling movement. Lats are originated in the lower and the mid-back then the whole lats muscle fibers inserted in the underarms. And it is spreaded from the lower back to the middle back.


That means in any movement where you need to pull your elbows downward or against the gravity in backward, your latissimus dorsi will be stimulated.


These are the muscles which will create the “v” shape and make you look bigger. It also increases the thickness of the back. Because half of the back is your lats muscles.




Rhomboids are another group of muscles which get stimulated during pull-ups.


They are located in the upper back between the shoulder blades. There are two types of rhomboid; rhomboid minor to raise the scapula and rhomboid minor to pull or retract the scapula.


Both types of rhomboid the muscles used to stimulate during pull-ups. Because you need to do both retract your scapula and raise the scapula to pull yourself.


These muscles give you the thickness on the upper back and a nice shape to your back.


Arm muscles


In your forearms, there are lots of small muscle which gets activated during pull-ups.


Brachioradialis muscle in the forearm and brachialis muscle in the bicep is used to pull both limbs closer of your arms.


When you do pull ups, you need to bend your elbows. so that you can pull yourself up.


1. Benefits Of Pull Ups For Fat Loss


If you are overweight, then it is a great workout for you. And the best part is it is very convenient. You don’t need any fancy equipment to do this.


But if you have a small amount of muscles and lots of fat than first focus on building some muscles and strength. Then you must try it for a better result in fat loss.


Why it is great for fat loss?


First #1  It is a body compound workout. Many muscles like lats, rhomboid, forearms, etc. all together get stimulated to perform this bodyweight workout.


And the more muscle will get involved the more you will burn calories. Which eventually helps to burn more fats.


Second #2  You need a lot of strength to perform this workout. All the strength workouts like the deadlift, bench press, squat these are the great exercises to burn a lot of fats.


Because you need an explosive strength to perform these movements.


Third #3  Compound exercise mean many muscles work at a time. So, the heart needs to pump blood quickly to provide nutrients, oxygen, through the blood on those muscles.


So, doing pull-ups increases the heart rate. And all those exercises increase the heart rate, burns more calories. It also improves your cardiovascular strength.


2. Benefits OF Pull-ups For Grip Strength


One of the great benefits of doing pull-ups is it increases your grip strength.


When you hang yourself with the bar you need a strong grip strength to hold your body on that hanging position.


After all, your hands and fingers play a big role when you lower yourself. Especially on the eccentric part of pull-ups need a lot of grip strength to control the weight and down back slowly.


3. Back Muscles Development


Pull up is basically famous as a back workout. Because this workout mainly stimulates the muscle groups of back.


Many people have very less muscle on their back. They don’t have a developed back. Pull up is a great exercise to develop back muscles and give it a nice shape.


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4. Develop Muscles Of Forearms


I have already mentioned that pull ups increase grip strength. Muscles of forearms used to grip something tightly. That mean the muscles of forearms will develop the muscles of forearms.


Another forearm muscle brachioradialis is used to pull something by bending your elbows. It basically closer the biceps and forearms.


When you do pull-ups, you need to bend your elbows to pull yourself. And during the eccentric part, you need to control the weight.


So, eventually, there is so many effects of pull-ups on your overall forearm muscles.


5. Helps To Get The “v” Shape


There are so many peoples who want to achieve a great “v” shape. For a perfect “v” shape, it needs a lot of efforts.


But pull up is an ideal workout for achieving that “v” shape. Pull-ups mainly target the lats muscle. Which gives you that “v” look.


A different variation of pull-ups targets the different muscle fibers of lats. That means you can hit your lats from many angles to stimulate and grow. This is why pull up is great to achieve that great “v” shape.


6. Improves Posture


Back muscles are hard to see. So, many people don’t focus on those muscles. And in our daily lifestyle, we mostly use the muscles of our front to do daily works.


So, eventually day by day our front muscles get stronger than the back muscles. Since the front muscles are stronger, they tend to pull the whole-body structure forward.


Because the back muscles are not strong enough, they couldn’t hold the structure. In result, you will have a bad rounded posture like an old man.


Doing pull-ups will make the back muscles stronger even develop it.


7. Upper Body Strength & Muscle Growth


Since pull up is a compound exercise it needs a lot of strength to perform. People who have a weak upper body must include pull up in their workout schedule.


The body needs a lot of efforts to pull and slow down. This up and down process occurs many microtears in the working muscles.


Then by having proper nutrition and rest when your body will regrow those muscles, it will be more developed and increases more strength.


8. Effect Of Pull-ups To Increase Intensity


Pull-ups is a high intense workout on its own. But you can do this before or after any workout to increase the intensity.


There many methods to increase workout intensity. Two of them are a superset and giant set. You can include pull-ups in any superset or giant set of your upper body workout routine.


Because it is very convenient to do. No fancy equipment needed, no needs to increase weights, just hang with the bar and do pull-ups as many as possible.


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9. Pull-ups Is a Great finisher


If you do hard workouts, then definitely you are chasing for the pump. When you leave the gym, you want that extreme pump in your body.


In the end, it increases the intensity of your workout. Like push-ups do in a chest workout day. It increases the blood flow in your muscles.

So, pull-ups can be a great finisher of your workout. Try this.


10. Improve The Performance


There are a lot of benefits of pull-ups doing every day. Doing pull-ups increase the pulling power of your body and improve the stability of your upper body. which eventually helps to improve other exercises.


It increases the pulling strength; that means your dumbbell row, bent over barbell row, cable row, T-bar row, etc. all those exercises will be improved.


And the stability will help you to perform better in the bench press, dumbbell fly, crucifix fly, squat, etc.


Safety Guide For Pull-Ups


Although there is a lot of benefits of pull-ups. But, these all can benefit you only when you do the pull up in a correct way following the safety guide.


Otherwise, you may badly injure your shoulder. I have seen many people suffer in shoulder pain because of bad form of exercises. So, to prevent the injury you need to follow some safety guide which I am going to share.




Doing warm-up is essential before every movement you do no matter it is pull up

Or any other movement.


For heavy movement like the deadlift, squat, pull up warm-up is a must. Because in these movements multiple joints and muscles work together.


So, you need to warm those joints and increase blood flow on those muscles. Before pull ups.


You can do arm cycling 3 sets of 20 reps to warm up your shoulder joint and do push-ups 2 sets of  15 reps to warm up the supporting muscles very well. Then 2 sets of 15-20 reps lat pull down.


After that, you should be warmed up enough to jump into the pull-up.


Rough Hanging


I can see people in the gym they don’t do pull up properly swing themselves a lot. You may also notice these type of people.


I always recommend doing the pull up in a controlled way. Don’t just pull and release yourself to a dead hang. Do pull up with proper steps like chest up, retract your scapula. Then take a deep breath and so on and so forth.


In this way, you will build a strong muscle and mind connection. Which prevent the risk of injury.


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Wrist Belt


Although wrist belt is not too much essential equipment it will improve your grip strength during pull up and helps you to pull yourself easily.


You might see many bodybuilders doing pull-ups using wrist belts.


The other reason for using a wrist band is it will prevent wrist injury. Some beginners curl their wrists subconsciously during pull up, which can badly injure your wrist.


So, for the safety, I generally recommend every beginner to use a good quality wrist band during pull-ups.




If you want to grow your back than no doubt that pull-ups is a great workout. For the beginner, it may be tough to do pull ups. Once you master the regular pull up there is plenty of variation to do pull ups.


You can add some changes in the form to create a variation of pull up. Like you can have a wide grip to do pull ups. This will give the more contraction in your lats.


You can add weights such as weight belts to increase the intensity of this workout. You can try triple stop pull-ups. It also increases the intensity in your muscles and makes a greater development of muscle.


I hope you enjoy the article. If you have any question please comment down and let me know. For more updates like my page on Facebook and follow my page on Twitter, Pinterest.

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