Best Weight Gain Foods List -Must Add In Your Diet

Best Weight Gain Foods List -Must Add In Your Diet

There are many people who have tried many ways to gain weight but failed. To gain weight, you need to know a proper “weight gain foods list“. This list will not only help you to gain weight but also provide you much alternative food options to add in your diet according to your taste.


First, you need to know which foods are the best foods to gain weight. Gain weight mean here I am not talking about fat gain. You need to focus on gaining quality muscle. This is called “clean balking”. During clean bulking, you might have gained little fat but that is completely natural. Just make sure that it should not be too much.


Why Weight gaining Foods Are Important?


If you are looking for weight gaining weight then you must consume more calories than you burn daily. This means you need to find your BMR first, then add 300-500 cal extra with your BMR in your daily diet.


I generally consider adding 300-400 cal extra in the beginning. Eventually, you may need to add more calories to your BMR, as you gain weight.


So why foods for weight gain are important to know. Let’s say your BMR is 2500cal. Now, if you add extra 400-500 cal then you need to consume almost 2900-3000cal a day to gain weight.


This is a big number to consume every day. So, you need to focus on foods that are more calorie-dense rather than foods that can fill your stomach but provides a little number of calories.


Selection Of Foods To Gain Weight 


All the underweight and people who want to gain weight need to know about the macronutrients first and their caloric value.


In every food, there will be some kind of macronutrients (except alcohol).


Carbohydrate = 4 calories in 1 gram

Protein = 4 calories in 1 gram

Fat = 9 calories in 1 gram


Now, you are probably thinking that why shouldn’t I consume more fats to gain weight, because it provides the maximum calorie, right?!




To gain weight yes, of course, I can consume lots of fat and gain unwanted and unhealthy fats in your body. But if you are looking for healthy foods to gain weight safely and naturally, then you should focus on macronutrients as well.


I always advise my clients that you should not focus on your weight, focus on your muscle size strength, and appearance in terms of gaining weight. And that is possible by focusing on gaining lots of muscle.


All these macronutrients have their own benefits. Carbohydrate is basically the primary source of energy to our body. You and I can move, act, and do daily work because of the energy comes from carbs. It is also important to fill up the glycogen store in our muscles.


Protein is also can be a source of energy but the main function of protein is muscle protein synthesis. Because protein rather amino acid is the building block of muscles.


Fat is needed for the proper functioning of our brain, organs, arteries and veins, hormones.


So, instead of focusing on fats, you need to focus on a balanced diet with the proper ratio of carbs, protein, and fat. And create a high-calorie diet to gain weight naturally and it would be healthy as well.

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Balanced-macro-nutrients for gaining weight

High-Calorie Foods For Weight Gain


Well, as of now you can understand the importance of macronutrients for weight gain, how much calories you need, then what is the weight gain foods list


For that, I highly recommend you to know the best source of protein, healthy carbohydrate foods, healthy source of fats. After knowing the sources of protein, carbohydrate, and fat you need to know which are the best foods for weight gain among them.


When I personalize a diet plan for my client who wants to gain weight, I generally add foods that are high in calories and less filling to your stomach.


Because if you are looking for weight gain, you probably need to consume a lot of foods. So, it is better to choose some foods in which you can make weight gain smoothies.


Smoothie for weight gain can be a great option for snacking, otherwise, people tend to eat junk or fried foods in snacks and end up with gaining unwanted fats.

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Weight Gain Foods List


After all these things keeping in mind let’s check out the weight gaining foods list. This will not only help you to customize your diet plan but also help you to make a grocery list for next week.


I am going to share with your protein for weight gain foods list, carbs for weight gain foods list, and fats for weight gain foods list. Let’s check this out:


Protein For Weight Gain:

Protein is the building block of muscles and to gain weight in a healthy way you need to focus on gaining muscles. In short, you need to consume high-quality protein every day to gain weight.


Whey protein: When it comes to gain muscle and source of protein. Whey protein is the best option to have. Because it doesn’t make your stomach full, very fast digestive, and rich in high-quality protein.


Egg White: Egg is a rich source of protein, but the whole egg will make you fill because of the egg yolk. Egg yolk is high in fat so it makes your digestion slow.


So, consuming only egg white will give you high protein and quick digestive. Egg white from one egg gives you 4g of complete protein.


Chicken breast: From whole chicken, you will be getting lots of saturated fat. So, I generally prefer consuming chicken breast to add some high-quality protein in my diet. From 100g of chicken breast, you will get almost 30g of protein.


Turkey breast: 100g of turkey breast gives you almost 17g of protein.


Salmon: Salmon is very high in calories. Almost 100g of salmon provides 206cal and 22g of high-quality protein.


Shrimp: In my recommendation, it is a very rich source of protein that everyone should include in their weight gain foods list. 100g of shrimp has almost 21g of protein.


Greek yogurt: 100g of greek yogurt contains almost 7g of protein. I generally add greek yogurt in the diet plan as snacks for my clients. You can also have it as a snack with some fresh fruits.


Cottage cheese: Cottage cheese is very high in protein. So anybody, who wants to gain weight should definitely add cottage cheese in their diet. In 100g of cottage cheese contains almost 12g of protein.


Low fat or non-fat milk: I generally prefer non-fat milk because I don’t want to add extra fats through milk. For fats, I have more other options. 1 cup of milk contains almost 8 grams of protein.


Milk can be a very good option to add weight gain smoothies. I also add some smoothies in the diet of my clients who wants to gain weight. Smoothies are very easy to prepare and high in calories


Tofu: Tofu can be a great option for vegetarians or vegans to add some good quality protein in their diet. 100g of tofu contains almost8g of protein.


Lentils: Some of my clients asked me that protein in lentils is incomplete. Yes, that is true.  Although lentils are a source of incomplete protein. But the combination of lentils with rice has a complete amino acid profile, it can be a great meal option.

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Healthy Carbs For Weight Gain


Carbs are very essential in terms of gaining weight. From the source of healthy carbs, you will get the energy to lift heavy. More carbohydrate means more energy.


But you should keep in mind the proportion of macro-nutrients. Carbs from unhealthy foods like snacks, fried foods, high fructose syrup, junk foods, candy or sweets, will gain your fat as well as the risk of heart disease, fatty liver, diabetes, obesity and lots of other health problems.


Rice: when it comes to carbs rice can be a great option to have. Now you might ask which rice is better. For weight loss, I would prefer brown rice, but for gaining weight it really doesn’t matter.


Pick up anyone as per your taste. In 1 cup of white rice contains almost 44g of carbs. I generally prefer rice in my lunch meal.


What are your preferences about rice please comment down below, I would like to hear.


Wheat: Wheat is also a great option for carbs but people who are gluten intolerant, can not have wheat. Anyway, 1 cup of wheat flour contains almost 87g of carbs.


Sweet potato: A sweet potato is a great option for a post-workout meal. I generally add sweet potato to my clients’ diet plan as a post-workout meal. In 100g of sweet potato, there is almost 20.7g of carbs present.


Oats:  Oats is a very famous food option for breakfast. Also for weight gain foods list, it can be a great option. 1 cup uncooked oats contain 56g of carbs.


Quinoa: You can also add quinoa in your diet to get healthy carbs. In 100g of cooked quinoa contain almost 21g of carbs.


Whole grain bread: Whole grain bread is very handy for snacking. There are many types of whole-grain bread available in the market. Some of the common grains are wheat, oats, bulger, buckwheat, etc.


Whole grain bread is prepared packed food. So, you should see the labeling behind the packet to get informed about the calories, carbs and other nutritional values.


Whole grain pasta: Whole grain pasta is also like whole grain bread. See the labeling to get informed about the nutritional value.


Corn: 100g of boiled corn contains almost 25g of carbohydrate. You can include corn in your lunch meal, it can be a great option.


Fats To Gain Weight


Fats are very essential to consume not only because of gaining weight, but also for your brain, hormones, and organ functioning. Fat provides the highest number of calories.


But you should consume it moderately. For my clients, I generally recommend 15-25% fat in their diet in terms of gaining weight. Now, it varies from person to person.


Avocado: Avocado is a very good option for healthy fat. 1 cup avocado contains almost 22g of healthy fat.


Olive oil: Olive oil is a very common name in the fitness industry in terms of cooking oil. 1 tablespoon olive oil provides almost 13.5g of fat.


Peanut butter: This my favorite. If you also like peanut butter, please comment below “yes, I love peanut butter”. I just like to know how many of my visitors like peanut butter.


You can have it with bread before the workout, or in breakfast. In 2 tbsp peanut butter contains 16g of fats.


Coconut oil: Coconut oil is very healthy cooking oil. Many of the bodybuilders alternate their cooking oil with this one.  In 1 tbsp coconut oil contains 13.5g of fats.


Other nuts: Almost all kind of nuts has the maximum amount of fat and most of them come from unsaturated fat. you should consume at least 80% unsaturated fat of your daily fat recommendation.


Egg yolk: egg yolk is a rich source of fat. One egg yolk provides almost 5g of fat. I generally prefer a maximum 1-2 egg yolk a day.


Seeds: All kinds of seeds like flaxseeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. are the great source of unsaturated fat and plant-based omega-3 fatty acid (ALA).




To gain weight I highly recommend you focusing on gaining some muscle. And to gain some muscle the above-mentioned weight gain food list would be very helpful.


To gain weight, there is no rocket science to follow. Just make some changes in your diet, intake some extra calories than your BMR and do some weight training.


That’s it you will start gaining weight. For a regular health-conscious person, there is nothing much to do.


If you have any kind of doubt or query just comment down below.

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