Weight Loss Workout At Home- Body Weight Workouts

Weight Loss Workout At Home- Body Weight Workouts

Weight loss workout at home was always in demand because of many reasons. Some people don’t have access to the gym near them, some can’t afford the gym, many people don’t have enough time, and some of the people are not comfortable going to the gym.


So, at home workouts for weight loss is always in demand and it will be. On the other hand now during this pandemic, all gyms are closed and people have no choice other than doing the home workout for weight loss.


I have mentioned on many articles of mine that for weight loss you need to focus on building muscles. And I also design workout plans for my online clients based on that principle. Do cardio or endurance training less than you do strength training.


But the problem is for weight loss many people (probably you also) jump into the cardio and doing lots of cardio they end up skinny fat. Which is not a pleasant physique and healthy at all. Therefore following a perfect workout with planning is important.


Kind Of Exercises For Weight Loss At Home  


If you seriously want to lose weight than you can do so many activities like calisthenics, martial arts, you can also join any sports club. But if you can’t do all that stuffs for any reason than you have very few options left to do in terms of losing weight at home.


Still, you can follow some type of exercise for losing weight at home. When I am talking about weight loss workout at home then you need to keep in mind that the workout should not take any space, with lesser or no equipment, and would be a very short session of workout.  


Body Weight Workout For Weight Loss

If you can’t go to the gym and still want to gain some muscle, strength, and lose weight then you may use your own body weight as the resistance. Therefore you need to know some bodyweight exercises to do at home which I am going to share next.


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Cardio exercises are basically heart and lungs focused. This a very famous type of workout which people generally consider when they are looking for weight loss. It’s true that cardio burns a lot of calories but it is not that effective for weight loss.


Cardio strengthens your heart, lungs, and increase your stamina or endurance. Therefore cardio is best for athletes. By the way, a little bit of cardio is so important for everybody.


HIIT Training

HIIT training is a pattern of performing exercises to get maximum results in a short period of time. It is mainly focused on endurance training that means the heart and lungs.


But studies have shown HIIT training has a significant result in building muscle as well. In this kind of training, you have to do some cardio for a particular time frame lets say 40 sec and rest for 20 sec. The perform time and rest period may vary according to your training program.



Yoga is another great technique for weight loss. Although you may a very slow result following yoga but trust me it is very effective in the long run. Let me tell you yoga is good for your mental health as well.


In yoga  basically you have to hold yourself in some very difficult poses. Therefore you definitely increase your flexibility and improve your joint health. At the same time, you will gain some sort of strength as well.


List Of Weight Loss Workout At Home


Weight loss workout at home should be short and simple. Because first of all in your house you may not have enough space to do do some exercise; secondly, you are probably a busy person and that is why you can not go to the gym.

Therefore, here is the best bodyweight exercises for weight loss at home.


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The push up is one of the best old school exercises ever. It is an upper-body exercise. Generally, people perform this as a chest workout but it has a lot of variation by which you can target triceps and shoulder as well.


How to perform


  • lie down on the floor with your chest and stomach flat on the floor, face downward.
  • Place your hand just beside your chest or a little bit wider, make your core tight and lift yourself buy pushing from your palm and exhale.
  • Make sure that only your toe and palm should touch the ground. Now slowly lower yourself as close as possible to the ground and inhale. Repeat it again.


Incline push-up 

The Incline push-up is the bodyweight version of the decline chest press. In this workout, you can target the lower chest muscle fibers.


How to perform


  • Stand facing a bench or table or the edge of a bed. Place your hands on the edge and keep your hands shoulder-width apart.
  • Now keep your core tight, back straight and chest up. Then do a push-up and when you lower yourself the lower part of the chest should touch the edge.
  • Then push and get back to the starting position. Repeat it again.


Decline push-up


The decline push is another great variation of push up. Lots of people have an undeveloped upper chest. In declined push up you can target the upper chest muscle fivers and grow them.


How to perform


  • Start with your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart and place your toes on a higher surface like a chair, tea table, bed or sofa, etc.
  • Now, make your torso and back straight, core tight. Then slowly lower yourself as close as possible to the ground.
  • Then push the floor with your hands and get back to the starting position. Repeat the repetition.


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Diamond push-up

The diamond push-up is a triceps exercise. The short head of the triceps gets targeted during this workout. a great arm builder exercise at home.


How to perform


  • Firstly, touch your index and thumbs of both hands and create a diamond shape. Then, get down to a general push up position and keep your core tight, torso straight.
  • Now, slowly lower yourself until you can touch your chest to your fingers. Then push against the floor and get back to the starting position. Repeat it.




The squat is my favorite workout. You can perform bodyweight squat at home for weight loss. This exercise targets the whole quads muscle in your leg and it is a big muscle group. Therefore, you will burn a lot of calories by performing the squat.


How to perform


  • Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Now you may spread your hands forward or place it in behind your head together.
  • Take a deep breath and hold, make your core tight, chest up, slowly lower yourself by bending your knees. Keep your spine straight.
  • When you are almost parallel to the ground, stop and push yourself against the floor with your feet. At the top breath out. Repeat it.


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Standing lunges

It is also a great exercise for quads. In this exercise, you can focus on quads individually. Therefore you can build a strong muscle and mind connection.


How to perform


  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight and chest up. Look straight forward.
  • Now take a deep breath and step forward and bend your knees almost 90 degrees. Now get up and step back and do it with another leg. Repeat it.
  • Make sure that your knees should not cross your toes and keep your back straight throughout the reps.



Step-ups not only focuses your quads but also activate your glutes and hamstring. However, it is a nice warm-up exercise.


How to perform 


  • First, take a step at your knee level; like a chair or tea table or something like that. Now stand closer to that step.
  • Take a step on that with one leg and tall straight, squeeze your glutes at the top. And get down.
  • Do the same with the other leg alternatively.


Wall sit

My favorite finisher leg workout is the wall sit. It is an isometric hold exercise. This exercise increases the blood circulation in your quads area and builds a strong muscle and mind connection.


How to perform


  • First, lean back against a wall, keep your torso straight and legs shoulder-width apart.
  • Slowly slide down your torso by bending your knees. When your quads are almost parallel with the floor stop and hold that position.
  • Make sure that your knees don’t cross your toes and don’t lift your heels.




For a long and sustainable weight loss, you should incorporate bodyweight exercises in your workout routine, as you are looking for weight loss workout at home.


Because the more you have preserved muscle mass the more you can burn fat. Therefore I generally create weight loss exercises at home for my client focusing on bodyweight exercises.


There will be cardio as well. However, you need to combine both bodyweight and cardio exercises to get your desired physique.


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