Best Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners

Best Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners

Are you a beginner who has just started a weight loss journey or about to start a program? And looking for a weight loss workout plan for beginners or workout suggestions for weight loss?


Let me tell you that you will get complete details weight loss workout plan with recommended sets, reps, rest period, frequency, workout splits, etc. And all for free through this article.


Importance Of Weight Loss Workout Plan


First of all, you might be thinking that why it is even so important to follow a workout program for weight loss. Is it really necessary?

Yes, it is…


Because with a proper beginner weight loss workout plan you can achieve a great physique that you have been dreaming of.


But think what if you tried to lose weight and started following some random exercises from the internet and even lost a lot of weight but the physique is very unpleasant, unsatisfied.


It happens with most of the beginners. In conclusion, they become skinny fat which is the worst condition ever. They lost a lot of muscles instead of fat. And workout plays a significant role in this condition as well as diet.


Many of my clients come to me and say I have lost some amount of weight but now stuck in and unsatisfied condition with lots of fat in a specific part of the body.


These all because of improper workout and diet plans. Therefore, I highly recommend you to create a workout plan from a professional and follow them.


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Type Of Workouts For Weight Loss


Before we jump into the workout program, I want you to know the type of workouts and a basic list of workouts that will help you understand the program much better.


Cardio For Weight Loss


Cardio is the most famous type of workout to lose weight. Although I don’t recommend too much cardio, but it has some other benefits for our body.


Cardio is great for your heart lungs, blood circulations, brain, etc. For weight loss, you can add two or three sessions of cardio in a week.


Strength Training For Weight Loss


For an effective and sustainable weight loss, I generally design my clients’ workout plan based on strength train. And I also recommend you doing strength training.


Because for a long term and sustainable weight loss you need to focus on increasing your metabolism. And gaining muscle will definitely increase your metabolism.


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Calisthenics For Weight Loss


Calisthenics is a body-weight resistance training. By doing calisthenics you can build superb flexibility, agility, balance, and a significant amount of strength as well.


This kind of exercise burns a lot of calories and increases the strength of your heart and lungs. So, is also a great kind of exercise to lose weight.


Yoga For Weight Loss


Yoga is a great exercise for flexibility, balance, joints, etc. But you know, it also helps in muscle toning and burning fats. In yoga poses you have to maintain isometric holds. By doing that your body burns a lot of calories.


Tabata For Weight Loss


Tabata is a very different style of training which mainly focuses on the timing and rest period. In this technique, you can choose any exercises but you need to do that in 20 sec and rest for 10 sec then again repeat this.


You will get a very little rest period in between the sets. That is the reason your heart rate is going to bump up and burn lots of calories. Therefore, Tabata is also great for weight loss.

bench-press- benefits

Gym Workout Plan For weight loss


If you have access to a gym then that is great. In the gym I see many people doing to lose weight. But as I already mentioned that I highly recommend doing resistance training for weight loss.


therefore, I will be giving a weight lifting training program as well as a home workout plan. You can try both of the programs. This is a 4-week workout plan for weight loss. If you are a beginner definitely try this but an intermediate can also try this.


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Workout Split


It is going to be a 5 days workout plan. Every week there will be 5 workout sessions and two rest days.



Upper body push (strength-focused)


Upper body pull (strength-focused)


Legs & abs (strength-focused)


Active recovery (swimming, jogging, cycling, walking, etc)


Upper body push (endurance focused)


Upper body pull (endurance focused)




As you can see, Monday day is upper body push which means chest, shoulder, and triceps. Tuesday we are going to hit back, biceps, trapezius, forearms.


After that, Wednesday we will target the abs and leg muscles including glutes. Thursday is an active recovery day, that means you can do brisk walking, jogging, swimming to increase a little bit of heart rate and blood flow.


Friday is going to be again upper body push day. You are going to hit chest, triceps, shoulder on Friday. After that, Saturday will be upper body pull day, that means you are going to hit back, biceps, traps, forearms.


Weight Loss Workout Routine




Incline chest press

4 sets of 8-10-10-12 reps (90-sec rest)

Bench press

4 sets of 8-10-10-12 reps (90-sec rest)

Shoulder press

4 sets of 10-10-12-12 reps (90-sec rest)

Dumbbell lateral raise

4 sets of 10-10-12-12 reps (60-sec rest)

Rope push down

3 sets of 10-12-12 reps (60-sec rest)

Dumbbell kickback

3 sets of 10-10-12-12 reps (60-sec rest)




Bent over barbell row

4 sets of 10-10-8-8 reps (90-sec rest)

One-arm row

4 sets of 10-8-8-6 reps (90-sec rest)

Lat pulldown

3 sets of 8-6-6 reps (90 sec of rest)

Dumbbell shrug

4 sets of 12-15 reps (60 sec of rest)

Barbell curl 

4 sets of 12-10-8-8 (60-sec rest)

Dumbbell alternating curl

4 sets of 12-10-8-8 reps (45-sec rest)




Glute bridge

4 sets of 10-15 reps (45-sec rest)


4 sets of 8-8-10-10 reps (90-sec rest)

Leg press

4 sets of 8-8-10-10 reps (90-sec rest)

Calf raises

4 sets of 12-15 reps (45-sec rest)


 4 sets of 15-20 reps (45-sec rest)

Leg raises

3 sets of 12-15 reps (45-sec rest)



Any kind of light activity like jogging, running, walking, swimming, cycling, etc.




Dumbbell bench press

4 sets of 10-12-12-15 reps (60-sec rest)

Incline smith machine press

4 sets of 10-12-12-15 (60-sec rest)

Seated rear delt fly

3 sets of 12-15 reps (45-sec rest)

Dumbbell side raise

3 sets of 12-15 reps (45-sec rest)

Dumbbell front raise

3 sets of 12-15 reps (45 sec of rest)

Overhead triceps extension

4 sets of 12-15 reps (45-sec rest)




Rope pulldown

4 sets of 10-12-12-15 reps (60 sec of rest)

Seated rows

3 stets of 12-15 reps (45 sec of rest)

Dumbbell alternating curl

3 sets of 12-15 reps (45-sec rest)

Hammer curl

3 sets of 12-15 reps (45-sec rest)

Barbell shrug

4 sets of 12-15 reps (45-sec rest)

Forearm curl

4 sets of 15-20 reps (30-sec rest)



Complete rest day


At first, do a proper full-body warm-up then jump into the workout routine. Choose a weight to hit the targeted rep range. Your focus should be to hit the failure at the end of the targeted rep range.


Weight Loss Exercise Plan At Home


You are probably thinking why home-based workout plan?!

Because still there are a lot of people who either afford a gym membership or don’t have access to a gym near to them. Some people can not go to the gym because of a lack of time.


So, for those, it becomes very difficult to follow a gym workout plan for weight loss. That is why I think I should share a 4-week workout plan for weight loss.


The program will be a circuit style training program. There will be 10 weight loss workouts to do at home. And these workouts would be performed in a circuit style repeatedly.


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Home Workout Plan To Lose Weight



25 reps


25 reps


50 jumping jacks


50 high knees


10-15 reps


15-20 reps


50 mountain climber


40-sec hold


15 reps each side


15 reps each side


Workout Plan Details


The workout will be performed in a repeated circuit. There will be no typical style set, rep and rest pattern in this program.


So, I already mentioned the exercises for this home weight loss workout program. The program will start with two bodyweight exercises and will be finished with two aerobic exercises.


You have to perform two aerobic and two bodyweight exercises back to back and there will be 20 sec of rest period between every exercise. After one circuit completed take 1-2 minute rest then repeat another circuit.


Do a total of 3 circuits every day. Therefore, it may take a maximum of 30 minutes to complete the workout You should attempt at least five sessions every week of this home workout routine for weight loss.




So, there it is. Weight loss workout plan for beginners. You can follow these workout plan for 4-6 weeks than probably you need to change your workout plan, cause you are going to hit a plateau till that time.


If you want the PFD file of this weight loss workout plan, then please comment below “yes, I want”. In addition, if you want more articles like this also leave a comment.


For any queries please don’t hesitate, just ask me in the comment section. For more updates, you can follow me on social media:       Facebook     Pinterest      Twitter








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