Why Am I Not Losing Weight? 12 Most Common reasons

Why Am I Not Losing Weight? 12 Most Common reasons

After trying everything of losing fat if you can’t lose then this question might be aroused in your mind that “why am I not losing weight”.


Peoples who are concerned about their body weight and want to lose it probably tried many ways to lose it.


But the trouble comes after some time later. When they slow down or stop losing weight. As a beginner, they do a lot of weight loss mistakes.


Whoever, there might be many reasons you are not losing weight. I am going to share with you the most common reasons you are not losing weight.


Eating Too Much Can Causes Of Not Losing Weight


The common problem of regular people is they don’t track their calorie intake. Many people don’t have any idea about how many calories they are consuming. And the reason behind this is they never measure their foods. Weighing foods can give you the idea of how many calories you are consuming.


You need to consume fewer calories then you burn in a day. To lose weight you need to track your foods. You need to know much food you are eating.


And another reason for eating many foods is they don’t know how much they need to eat. First, find out your BMR then eat less than the calories.


Doing Only Cardio


Cardio is necessary in order to lose weight. Yes, cardio is important for weight loss. But doing too much cardio is not necessary. Cardio should be a part of your workout routine.


The beginners start their weight loss journey by doing only cardio. This is a common mistake for every beginner. In the beginning, you will lose some weight. But gradually it will slow down and then “stop weight loss”.


Many people doing lots of cardio and losing some weight stuck at the weighing scale. it is very common and they end up with skinny fat and loose skin.



Probably Not Lifting Weights


Weight lifting is a must if you want to lose healthy weights such as fat and achieve a toned body. so, why weight lifting is must just take a look:


Burn calories


Lifting weights will benefit you in various ways. First, it burns a lot of calories. When you do heavy compound movements like the Deadlift, bench press, squat you need lots of strength and energy.


As you build muscles you will burn more calories. The best part of weight training is you will burn fats throughout the day. But when you do cardio you will burn fats only that time.     


Boost metabolism


Strength training will build your muscle and the more you have muscle, the more your metabolism will high.


A high metabolism means you will burn more calories even when you are in the rest period.

Muscle cells burn more calories than fat cells. That means as you build more muscle your daily calorie intake will increase and eventually you will burn more fat.


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Not Taking Rest Causes Not Losing Weight


Rest is very important for your body. no matter what you are losing weight or building muscle.


This is the time when your body does the actual fat burning. You may do the right exercise and having a proper diet but if you don’t give your body the proper rest to burn those extra fats as calorie, you may not lose weight.


Proper rest also refuel your moods which directly helps to control your cravings and increase the intensity to lift heavy in the gym.


A good amount of rest also helps you to enjoy the lifestyle of a restricted diet and workouts.


High Level Of Stress


Stress is a major reason for not losing weight. It is a secret answer to “why I am not losing weight?” Some people even lose weight due to the high level of stress, but that is not healthy at all.


If your body is in stress than it may stop losing fat. Low-calorie diet and exercises are one kind of stress for your body.


A high level of stress can store fats in your mid-section Which is called stress belly fat. Stress is also responsible for slow metabolism. So, give your body enough sleep to recover itself from a high level of stress.


Don’t Have A Proper Diet Plan


Many people search on the internet for a free diet plan without knowing that, a single diet plan doesn’t work for everybody. There is no problem following a free diet plan but first, you need to know which one is for you.


Everyone is different from others. Everybody response differently. And even if you lose some weight with that free plan, it will not be a sustainable way to lose weight. First few days you may lose weight then the number of weighing scales will be stuck.


There is no problem in following a free diet plan but first, you need to understand that how much calories is your maintenance calorie which is your BMR. And how much calories you need to cut.


For instance, your BMR is 2100 cal. And you start following a diet plan of 1200 cal diet plan, you must lose weight for a few days but then you will stop losing weight because your body will adapt itself with that diet plan.


And if you cut down calories even more than it will be the worst thing. You will become skinny fat.


So, before following any free diet plan first get to know which free plan should you follow. Don’t cut your calories too much. Slowly cut down calories.

Eating Two Less For A Long Time


People who are looking for fast weight loss start taking very few calories in a day. In the beginning, they lose weight. Then they stop losing weight.


If you think you will lose weight fast by eating less, you are wrong. Eating very few calories will give your body a signal that you don’t have access to too many foods.


And your body starts to slow down your metabolism. It is a survival mechanism of our body. Then after a few days, you will stop losing weight.


So, eat foods as your body needs (less than your BMR). Burn many calories through your workouts.


This is the proper way to create a caloric deficit so that your body doesn’t slow down metabolism and burn fats.


Not Losing Weight For Plateau


Plateau can also a reason you stop losing weight. Maybe, you have hit a weight loss plateau.


Why you hit a plateau?

If you follow any workout and diet plan than your body starts to adapt to that.


That means, if you think I will eat in a caloric deficit and keep losing weight until I get lean, you are wrong. You will stop losing weight after some time.


Your body is too smart. It will adopt that diet plan and you will stop losing weight. That is why you need to keep changing your diet and workout plans when you are not getting enough results.


Do some minor changes in your program like changing the food options, exchange the meals, change the workout plans, etc. There are many ways to overcome a plateau.


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Have A Medical Condition


If you are not losing weight despite following a clean perfect diet and a proper workout plan, you are probably demotivated, depressed, frustrated.


Weight loss is a complex process. It is not the priority of your body. So, you need to create a condition, where your body has to use the stored fat as a source of fuel.


To create that situation, you need to remind many factors in your mind. Such as diet, exercise, activity level, stress and sleep habits, hormones, age and body type, gender and allergic or any medical condition.


So, first, you need to check that if you have any medical issues or not. Go to a doctor and see if everything is alright.


Because if you have any medical condition your body may respond differently and you may not lose fat.


Some health problems and common medication can cause weight gain, such as:

  1. Some thyroid conditions
  2. If you are in diabetes medications
  3. Some antidepressants
  4. High blood pressure medications
  5. Digestive issue


If you have any kind of medical problem or in medication, first talk to your doctor before jump into any weight loss program.


You Don’t Need To Lose Weight


Yes, you don’t need to lose weight. It is a type of product marketing strategy who always tells you to lose weight. But the truth is not all of us need to lose weight.


In fact, we have an unrealistic idea about an ideal weight and body weight. This is all because you hear on the news or read in popular magazines.


These marketing companies are very clever. Rather than focusing on the fat, you start focusing on weight because of the marketing strategy, which is the biggest mistake of fat loss.


Many beginners follow a very low diet plan and start losing weight drastically. After a few days when they stuck, they cut down their calories more.


End of the day they become a skinny fat guy which is a common issue of beginners. They look fatty but at the same time, they are also skinny.


In this time rather than focusing on weight, you should focus on building muscle and losing fat. It can be possible at the same time. As you are building muscle you may not see the weight is dropping but the fat is losing.


You may see many bodybuilders who are 180 lbs. 200lbs. but full of muscles. So, focus on your body fat percentage rather than your weights.


Not Consistent With Workouts  


Exercise plays a very crucial role in your fat loss journey. If you are doing low instance workouts like bodyweight training, yoga, Tabata circuit for fat loss than you need to do at least 30 minutes of workout every day.


And if you do a high-intensity resistance training than do it for at least four times a week for 60-90 minutes.


Having a proper workout plan is a must for weight loss. But if you don’t follow them properly you may not get the maximum result. If you don’t follow them consistently you will not get the result.


Remember if you are consistent with your workout and follow them regularly then you will get better results fast. And if you don’t follow them regularly then it may take time to see the result.


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The Proper Balance Of macronutrients


If you think that just maintaining the number of calories, I will lose weight, probably you are wrong. Because a healthy diet means the proper amount of all macronutrients, micronutrients, fibers, and water.


If you are not losing weight though you are doing high instance workout and a good diet then you need to check the balance of your macronutrients.


Are you really consuming the right amount of carbohydrate, protein, and fat? You need to consume carbs, proteins, and fats in a proper balance according to your body type.


Because according to the body type you may respond differently. Like endomorph body type need to consume fewer carbs and a high protein diet. So, you need to follow a diet with properly balanced macronutrients.




If you are looking for the answer that “why am I not losing weight” then find out the reason behind that from that points I discussed above. Then plan your workout and diet properly.


Make a realistic goal. Don’t expect too much weight loss in a short period of time. It is not healthy at all. Stay consistent with your weight loss program.


Don’t always focus on your weighing scale, find out your body fat percentage, see yourself in the mirror. Because the weighing machine doesn’t always show the truth.


And the most important thing is, try to change your lifestyle to lose weight permanently. Because it is not a course. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle in order, to maintain your weight in a healthy range. And those weights should muscle weight.

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