Workout Plan For Weight Loss-7 Day Workout Plan

Workout Plan For Weight Loss-7 Day Workout Plan

If you are looking for weight loss than you must hear about dieting and probably followed a lot of diet plans. But do you know along with diet you need a proper workout plan for weight loss?


Because the diet can do half job. To get a great physique after weight loss you need to incorporate a weight loss workout plan in your program.


Now you must be wondering that how to plan your weight loss workout routine. That is why I decided to create a 7-day weight loss workout plan.


You must follow this workout routine if you are looking for weight loss. This is a gym workout plan for weight loss.


If you need a 7 day home workout plan for weight loss, an article is coming soon on that topic as well. To get the notification please subscribe.

So, let’s jump into today’s topic:


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Weight Loss Workout Plan Overview


In this weekly weight loss workout routine, there will be:


Strength training– 3 days, almost one hour per session

HIIT workout training– 2 days, 15 min per session

Active recovery day– 2 days


If you are serious about your weight loss and want to achieve a great aesthetic physique then you should focus on your muscle development.


By doing cardio you will definitely lose some weight but that will not sustain for the long run and you will become skinny fat. Remember, weight loss and fat loss are two different things.


That is why there is going to be 3 sessions of strength training. 2 sessions of HIIT training, for your heart, lungs, brain, etc. And there will be 2 active recovery days.


Strength training


There will be heavy compound exercises in these sessions to preserve your muscles or their growth.


Day 1, in this session you are going to hit the upper body. There will be compound exercises like bench press, rows, etc.


Day 2, in this session you are going to hit lower body and abs. There will be compound exercises like squats, leg press, lunges, etc.


Day 3, this session is going to be a full-body endurance-based workout session. You are going to perform mainly isolation exercises like chest fly, pull-down, leg extension, etc.


Note: before you hit the heavy workout session, you need to follow a proper warm-up session to prevent injuries. Warming up will increase blood circulation to your muscles, joints, and organs. This will wake up your central nervous system to make it prepare for the upcoming heavy training session.


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HIIT training


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great form of cardio to burn a lot of calories in a short period of time.


In this training protocol, you need to perform an exercise for a limited period of time with high intensity then take a short rest and then again perform another exercise.


This kind of training protocol will kick boost your heart rate very quickly and burn a lot of calories. Studies have shown that it also fast your metabolism.


There will be 5 exercises and you need to perform them for 40 sec. Take 20-sec rest then again perform another exercise for 40 sec.


When you complete the set. Take 30-sec rest then repeat the set again. Do a total of 3 sets. It will take a maximum of 15-17 minutes to complete the whole workout session.


Active recovery day


There will be two days a week as your recovery day. These days you don’t have to perform any kind of traditional exercise.


You need some rest to recover and prepare your muscles for the next workout session. And to recover them fast it needs oxygen and nutrients in your muscle.


That is why you should perform some lite activities like playing sports, cycling, jogging, swimming, etc. This will increase your blood circulation in your organs and muscles.


Don’t perform any heavy stuff which needs high intense activities. Remember the purpose of the rest day, just increase your heart rate a little bit and your blood circulation as well.


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Workout Plan For Weight Loss


Bench press8-10490 sec
Incline smith machine press8-10360 sec
Bent over barbell rows8-10490 sec
Seated cable rows8-10360 sec
Military press8-10490 sec
Dumbbell lateral raise12-15360 sec
Super set
-Barbell curl
-Triceps push down


45 sec


Squat8-10490 sec
Leg press8-10390 sec
Leg curl12-15460 sec
Seated calf raises12-15445 sec
Hip thrust12-15445 sec
Walking lunges15 reps each side460 sec


Active recovery day


ExercisesActive timeRest time
Burpees40 sec20 sec
High knees40 sec20 sec
Mountain climber40 sec20 sec
Bicycle40 sec20 sec
Jumping jack40 sec20 sec


Deadlift8-10490 sec
Leg extension12-15460 sec
Dumbbell chest fly12-15460 sec
Straight arm pulldown12-15460 sec
Rear delt fly12-15345 sec
Dumbbell front raise12-15345 sec
Dumbbell preacher curl12-15345 sec
Overhead dumbbell triceps extension12-15345 sec


ExercisesActive timeRest time
Burpees40 sec20 sec
High knees40 sec20 sec
Mountain climber40 sec20 sec
Bicycle40 sec20 sec
Jumping jack40 sec20 sec


Active recovery day



You should hit failure until the recommended number of reps. That means you should not be able to lift more. So, choose the weight according to your strength.


For example, you have to perform 4 sets of 8-10 reps then you need to choose a weight so that you can hit failure at 8th, 9th, or at the 10th repetition.  


On the HIIT training day do a total of 3 sets.



Some Weight Loss Tips


If you want to lose weight in a healthy way and don’t want to regain your weights then you should definitely follow these tips beforehand.


Cut down calories


No matter how hard you train, everything will be a wast if you don’t follow a low-calorie diet plan than your BMR. So first, calculate your BMR here.


Then create a diet plan which is at least 300 calorie fewer than your BMR. In this diet plan, you should add an adequate amount of protein moderate carbs, and low fat.


After every 6-8 weeks gradually cut down your calories and carb intake.


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Take enough rest


Taking rest is very important for everyone. Because taking enough rest will reduce the amount of stress from your body.


And a high level of stress can be a barrier to achieve your weight loss goal. Also because of lack of rest, your muscle can not recover properly which causes overtraining.


Set a realistic goal


In my career in personal training, I have seen that motivation for any kind of transformation is important. And to stay motivated you need to set a realistic goal.


An unrealistic goal can damage your motivation level badly and make you give up with all this. So, before starting your transformation set a long term realistic goal.


Remember weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time.




So, if you are looking for a workout plan for weight less than you should definitely try out this awesome workout routine.


Follow the weight loss workout plan for at least 4 weeks and let me know in the comment section your experience.


I am going to share more workout plans for weight loss for both beginners and advance. There is also a weight loss diet plan article that is coming soon so please subscribe to get the update notification.


That’s it for now; if you have any queries or want to ask me something then go ahead ask me in the comment section below.

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